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Steve Jobs Advice For Success


Steve Jobs Advice For Success

Everyone wants to succeed, but no one is willing to do what it takes.” Yes, this sentence represents the reality of our fast-paced world these days.

Who among us does not wish for success, but who among us does his best to succeed? The contradiction in answering these two questions comes from two main axes.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success.

The first axis: that the person does not actually realize what the requirements for success are , which puts him in many failed experiences.

The second axis: that a person with a weak determination knows what he wants and what he needs to do to achieve it, but himself is left lazy and lives without feeling the pleasure of success.

In this article, I want to highlight the number of those who do not know the requirements for success, and I present to them this article from the genius who gathers most of those who read his story, Steve Jobs, declaring that he is one of the most important men of the twentieth century and one of the pioneers of the world of technology.

Aliens TIPS Steve Jobs Advice For Success Steve Jobs' innovation secrets

He is undoubtedly the man we can take success capsules from, and why not! Steve Jobs, who was predicted to fail by his peers after he left his university studies after only six months, and pursued his passion.

Jobs did not wait to obtain a university degree to  apply for  a job , but quickly built his “kingdom”  of Apple  and was able to build the world’s first personal computer.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success

About that period, Jobs said at a graduation ceremony for Stanford University: “ To be honest and honest with you, I must admit that I did not graduate from a university, so being at your party is my one and only chance to see how you graduate.

I studied at the university for six months, then I left it and started taking the lessons that I choose because I adore them, driven by my inner sense and curiosity for discovery, and when I remember today what happened, I make sure that I cling to my passion and insistence that I only do what I love, which led me to invent the first computer in the world .”

Certainly, I will not invite you to leave your university to ensure success, but I invite you to cling to your passion and believe in your dream, as they are the two most important things to be successful.

Jobs wrote many books in which he told about his biography and how his future vision of the world prompted him to search for the unknown, which helped him build the most powerful empire in the world of technology, the “Apple” empire, and I will try to summarize what Steve said and came on his tongue in the rest of the article.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success

  • Have passion and do what you love.

  • Don’t sell crap.

  • The future can only be seen by the successful.

  • Don’t live a limited life. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

  • Design for yourself and start now.

  • Failure is the way to success.

  • Build a great team.

  • Build around customers.

  • Don’t do it for the money.

  • Enjoy life with those around you.

  • Be proud of your products.

  • Steve Jobs’ innovation secrets

Have passion and do what you love.

The prank in the biographies of the successful people, we will find that there is something in common between them, which is that they had the passion and desire to do their work.

Jobs loved technology, which prompted him to leave the university for what his heart dictated to him and imposed on him by his passion.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success is to have a passion.

Don’t sell crap

Steve Jobs Advice For Success, Sell only high quality products, while many would argue I would say that Apple products have always been top quality and that’s the reason why they are still at the top. They just provide quality products, and because of that they have loyal customers that are always willing to buy.

The future can only be seen by the successful

Until his death, Jobs remained with a keen insight that enabled him to see the future and determine the needs of people.

When he returned again in 1997 to Apple, the company was on the verge of collapse, but with his insight he made fateful decisions, as he decided to enter the phone market with the iPhone industry and the music world with the iPod and reduced the company’s products From 350 to 10 only, which revived the company and made it come back to the fore again and it continues to this day.

Don’t live a limited life | Don’t look under your feet

Steve Jobs Advice For Success Don’t live a limited life .Many people fall into the quagmire of looking under their feet, which makes them lose many important opportunities.

Perhaps you are now postponing something, thinking that it will not benefit you now, but Jobs was not like this.

Jobs started establishing Apple in his home car garage and went through financial distress, after which he sold his truck, all of this Because he was looking toward the far horizon and because he knew he was on the road.

Design for yourself and start now

Everyone delays in the beginning and even postpones under the pretext that they do not have money to implement their project or that they are not ready yet or that they do not want to take risks, as if Jobs when he decided to give up everything in exchange for his dream was not taking a risk or that when he sold everything he owned he was not sacrificing.

Jobs started implementing his idea from the moment he first got the idea in his garage.

Failure is the way to success

Jobs failed, failed, and failed again, so that you can say that he was addicted to failure before he embraced success. Jobs was exposed to his biggest failed attempts when he was expelled from Apple, but he did not despair, but went and founded two companies, NeXT and Pixar, and Jobs says about this period that it is the best thing that happened to him throughout his life. Steve Jobs Advice For Success is failure is the way to success.

Build a great team and good friends.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success: Perhaps you should choose your friends, as Jobs would not have found Apple by his shoulders, but one of his friends helped him, and this is normal in a place, as we all experience from time to time a lack of energy and we need someone to strengthen us and support us in times of weakness, and no one is better able to do this than a friend who believes in you.

Build around customers.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success: Customers tend to trust individuals who are serious about what they do, and willing to take the time to achieve a deep understanding of their craft. Take the time every day to learn more about your customers, their industry and their challenges.

Needless to say, gaining trust is only part of the equation. You must also have a product that customers want and need, and the ability to show how you’re adding value, solving problems, and so forth.

However, if you don’t earn the customer’s trust, they’ll probably buy from someone else whom they do trust–even if the offering isn’t as good

Don’t do it for the money Do not wealth WebMaster.

When we read a letter from Steve Jobs, which he wrote on his deathbed, in which he expressed his remorse because he tried to raise a lot of money, but now on his deathbed he leaves all this behind and leaves alone carrying with him only memories, memories of love and faith are the real wealth that Jobs thought he would take with him to his final resting place.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success is not to do it for the money.

Enjoy life with those around you.

And Steve Jobs Advice For Success continues in the last letter he wrote before his death that one should enjoy “life” with his family, saying: “Lost material things can be found no matter how expensive they are, but there is one thing you can never find when you lose it: it is life no matter what stage we live in. Steve Jobs Advice For Success.

From the stages of our lives, we will finally have to face the day when the curtain will come down.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success Gather your treasure from the love of your family, from the love of your wife or husband, from the love of your friends and take good care of yourself and your relatives, be kind, generous and kind to others, for you never know how much time you have left.

Be proud of your products.

Steve Jobs Advice For Success Create products that you can proudly recommend to friends and family, if your product is great, money will follow. Make sure your product is high quality and it’s something that people would love to use.

Steve Jobs’ innovation secrets

  • Do what you love. Passion is everything.

  • Put a dent in the universe.

  • Creativity is connecting things.

  • Say no to 1,000 things.

  • Create “insanely great” experiences.

  • Master the message.

  • Sell dreams, not products.

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