Creative Aliens person in business | How to start a business with less capital?

Creative person in business | How to start a business with less capital?

Creative person in business | How to start a business with less capital?

Imagine that the institution you work in has decided to do without you, so what are you going to do?

Are you going to look for a new job, start your own business, or you’re not going to do anything at all?

Most people think that a genius man was born a genius, and this belief is totally wrong, everyone can be a creative genius and so are you.

And don’t think that you will not become creative because you live in an uncivilized country and this is a simple example that proves to you that creativity does not need a place.

Creative Aliens person in business | How to start a business with less capital?
  • The story of a creative idea.


  • The alternative solution to the problem.


  • Thinking upside down.


  • Merge.


  • Deletion.


  • Random thrills.


  • How to develop your creative talents.

Creative idea story

Note that the tea sellers do not have enough capital to buy their work needs (chairs, tables, etc.) to start their business.

Even the small daily profit they get goes towards their eating and drinking expenses and their dependents. So our friend thought and said why not help them and make profits.

You might think that the amount is not worth it, but if you know that our friend borrowed an amount from one of his friends and expanded his activity to other sellers and from the revenue.

He paid his debts and increased his equipment, and hired people to collect the revenue and retrieve the equipment, and stored it in a warehouse near their place of work, he rented it.

at first, he was doing the accounts himself, but to expand the business he appointed an accountant, and with the passage of time and the increase in income, or renting a place to work, he bought a car to transport equipment, a storeroom for storage, and a private car for him.

After he was able to control the area in which he inhabits, he expanded to other areas, and his business flourished and within a few years, he became one of the wealthy people in the area with this simple idea.

This example is the best evidence that a project idea does not need to be a genius or have an MBA to be the owner of your own business.

Think and create a new creative idea and apply it if possible, and do not forget that fear of livelihood is one of the obstacles to creativity.

Use any of these methods to help you get ideas to get creative

The alternative solution to the problem

I search for any problem for alternative ways and solutions and do not be satisfied with the traditional solution.

The owner of the previous story created a solution that has not been tried before, and if you find other ways to solve problems, ask yourself why not be in this way?

And apply the innovative solution.

If the alternative solution method does not work, do not despair and think that you are a failure.

You must try again and have a strong will. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, tried 1009 before he succeeded in inventing the bulb.

Thinking upside down

Turn what you see in your life until you come up with a new idea like going to buy from the market reflects the market goes to you and this is what happened where the sellers are roaming between houses now.


Merging two or more elements to get new creativity, and the examples are many.

I am now reminded of the example of a mobile phone + camera = phone with a camera and the idea was implemented, a few years ago the mobile phone was without a camera as you remember.


Unlike the previous one, delete any part of the system and you get a genius idea and go back to the example of the mobile phone again.

Cell phones were with buttons and now most phones are touch screens and without buttons.

Random stimuli

Visit a toy store, travel to a country you have not visited before, or walk in a place you have not seen before, and do not forget to carry a notebook and pen with you to record any idea or thought that comes to your mind.

Write down the idea. It may not be time to implement it now, but write it even Don’t forget it.

Other uses Can you find 20 other uses for the pen other than writing and drawing? Try this method and certainly

you’ll get useful ideas.

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