17 Aliens Creative Thinking Skills How to Think Creatively AliensTips.com

17 Aliens Creative Thinking Skills | How to Think Creatively?

17 Aliens Creative Thinking Skills | How to Think Creatively?

Creative thinking Do you want to express yourself? Do you want to be more creative?

17 Aliens Creative Thinking Skills How to Think Creatively AliensTips.com
17 Aliens Creative Thinking Skills How to Think Creatively AliensTips.com

This article will show you how to achieve this by revealing the strategies of creativity that you have within you while explaining how to sharpen your energies at work, study, or any of the everyday situations.

Many of us underestimate our creative potential, which may be because we have never really tried to be creative, or have run into obstacles when we have tried, or because we believe that creative thinking and its benefits are reserved exclusively for others.

But we can still train ourselves in any kind of mental activity – and creative thinking is no exception.

Each of us has internal energy and flexible minds, and each of us has a great ability to change and learn.

Each human brain contains a hundred billion brain cells (neurons), and each neuron can establish connections with thousands or tens of thousands of other neurons.

And every second, the brain makes a million new connections – so, once you’re committed to a project and stick to it, we can make great progress!

And if until now you still think that creative thinking is just something for others, it’s time to realize that you can train yourself to think more creatively.

If you already feel completely confident in your creative energy, you can develop your abilities to a higher level.

Get started now with puzzles and invest tips and strategies scattered all over it.

Certainly, creative ideas and incentives for self-expression come and go Of course, some days can be more creative than others.

There are a number of ways you can turn yourself into a creator. So, keep reading…

  • How to be creative and learn the skill of creative thinking?
  • Quick creative thinking skills.
  • How to learn creative thinking skills?
  • The Seventeen Principles of Creativity from the book The Pleasure of Creative Thinking.
  • Stages of creative thinking.

How to be creative and learn the skill of creative thinking?

Be positive

The first key step is to accept that like any human being, you are a natural creator, and can learn techniques and approaches to increase your creativity.

Think positively

One of the main barriers to creativity is the fear of making mistakes.

Believe in yourself

Calm down that inner critic who can cripple your innovative thinking.

If you manage or lead people at work, at work, or in any other context, and you want to support their creativity, be encouraging, and give them feedback on their ideas or performance.

Embrace change

A good way to encourage your creativity is to energize yourself through change.

Even in the smallest things, change can enhance your thinking.

Move your desk at work or college to another location, or change your daily routine, if possible, by walking and taking the bus instead of driving to your destination, or trying a change of hairstyle, or taking a short break somewhere.


Scientists tell us that our brains often become more active as we work with others.

Take advantage of collaborative thinking, and talk as much as you can — with others when shopping, with friends, with family members at dinner, and even with yourself at work.

Psychologist and author Edward de Bono has designed a useful set of questioning strategies for different parts of your thinking mind.

These strategies are meant to develop ideas by focusing on the optimistic and forward-looking side of your personality.

For example – you might say: “Let’s record the positive aspects of this idea?” . Or, to ask your logical side, you could say, “I’m sure A follows B’s result?”

Relax and look on the bright side

Breathing exercises and meditation can be helpful in preparing you to be creative thinking. Laughter is an essential aid to creativity.

Tell jokes, and look for books and movies that make you laugh.

Also, spend time with people you find funny if you can.

Brain scientists say that laughter, and the relaxation that follows, transform brain waves from short, high-frequency waves to the longer, slower waves that generally accompany creative ideas.

Quick creative thinking skills

  1. Rethink the series of Problems involved in the challenge.

2. Right some notes.

3. Try some ideas of solutions and challenge the traditional ideas and solutions.

4. Your creative think increases your options.

How to learn creative thinking skills

Some methods can be applied to help you enhance your creative thinking skills

  • Accept new ideas.
  • I understand the problem well.
  • Prepare well.
  • Bring up new ideas.
  • Develop your creative mind.
  • Expand your ideas.

The Seventeen Principles of Creativity and Creative thinking.

17 Aliens Creative Thinking Skills How to Think Creatively
17 Aliens Creative Thinking Skills How to Think Creatively
  • Choose to be creative.

  • Look for many solutions.

  • Record your thoughts.

  • Analyze your ideas carefully.

  • Clearly define your problem.

  • See your problems as opportunities.

  • Look for clarity.

  • Don’t be afraid of risks.

  • Try and be different.

  • Don’t always stick to logic.

  • Enjoy what you do and have fun like a child.

  • Be spontaneous.

  • Live in the present moment.

  • Think strange and unusual.

  • Challenge traditional rules and preconceptions. Take your time when making an important decision.

  • Be patient and persistent.

Stages of creative thinking

Creative thinking methods To know the steps of creative thinking and its most important stages, follow the following


Hard work. You should collect and categorize the information on the topic and analyze the problems as accurately as you can and find possible solutions.


This is the stage of mental depth. Mental work Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the problem in your subconscious mind. Problem parts separate and new groups appear, possibly including factors stored in your memory.


At the moment of discovering a new idea arises in your subconscious mind either gradually or suddenly, like a fish suddenly jumping out of the water.

These moments often occur when you are not thinking about the problem, that is, in a relaxed state of mind.


Your ability to evaluate plays the role of a new idea, insight, inner intuition, or the need for careful testing of a solution. This is especially done if they form a basis for work of any kind.

Finally, do not rush, and take the time you need, when you are faced with a problem of particular difficulty the important thing is to try to think in the way described, and to apply these skills of creative thinking.

With the development of your skills, you will find that you can quickly realize the difference this development has made in your work or study, and in other areas of your life – by showing yourself that you are resourceful, quick to adapt, and prove to yourself that you are up to the challenges. So start with creative thinking, and go!

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