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5 Tips to Boost Your Creative Thinking Skills | Aliens Tips

5 Tips to Improve | boost Your Creative Thinking skills | Aliens Tips.

Five things that make you more creative.

How can I improve my Creative Thinking skills?

How can you be more creative 5 tips for increasing Creative Thinking skills today?

How can I improve my Creative Thinking skills fast?

5 Aliens Tips to Boost Your Creative Thinking AliensTips.com

Have you ever wished you were a little more creative?! Was your childhood dream to invent a tool that would change people’s lives, or did you just wish you would submit one innovative article?!

If you do not feel that you are creative, there are many ways that you can become creative.

Walking in a park or on a treadmill, for example, increases your creativity by 60%. A quick nap can also be helpful. One study suggests that a power nap stimulates the right side of the brain, which is related to creativity.

No doubt, most people are used to these things, but here are five strange things that help you get creative.

Five things that make you more creative.

  • Sense of worth.
  • Chaos.
  • Boredom.
  • Stress.
  • The noise.

Sense of worth

Worthy people go after what they want, when they want it, and they don’t care to break some rules to get it.

New research by psychologists from Cornell and Vanderbilt University suggests that even small doses of a sense of worth spur people’s Creative Thinking problem-solving skills.

In the study, participants were motivated more or less by a sense of worthiness by having them write down three reasons why they were more deserving of others and why they had a right to demand the best in life, Or three reasons why they don’t deserve more than others have.

Then they were asked to do Creative Thinking tasks, such as using a paper pin on new things, or making an imaginary drawing of an alien civilization.

Of course, participants with a greater sense of worth generated more exciting and Creative Thinking ideas.

The bottom line is that people tend to think and act differently from others when they feel worthy, or, more correctly, they think better outside the box.

Even if you don’t want to be a worthwhile jerk to get Creative Thinking skills, it’s an easy experience to remember for those times when you need to think creatively.


Albert Einstein once asked this question: If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk signify?

This question certainly points to something, as the study by psychologist Kathleen Fores of the University of Minnesota makes clear, that an orderly environment helps foster good behaviors such as healthy eating and generosity.

While chaotic environments encourage the production of new Creative Thinking ideas and creativity.

In one experiment, some participants were placed in a tidy environment, others in a chaotic environment, and asked to devise new uses for table tennis balls.

Both groups came up with an equal number of ideas, but the judges, who were unbiased, chose the cluttered room ideas as more interesting and Creative Thinking skills.

So, if you want to think creatively again, don’t get organized!


No one likes boredom, we do anything that drives us bored; But while we keep ourselves busy with boring activities, we unknowingly miss out on more Creative Thinking ideas!

In one of the studies conducted by Dr. Sandy Mann, Professor of Psychology at the University of Lancashire , asked participants to show their creativity by coming up with new uses for polystyrene cups; But before that, some were asked to move a number of numbers from the phone book without asking questions.

As we would expect, the participants started the boring task by coming up with more original ideas.

In another experiment, the researchers asked a different group of participants to read only the numbers. The result was that this team came up with more Creative Thinking ideas than the team that transmitted and wrote the numbers.

So, what’s the conclusion?

Do not be afraid of boredom and boredom, but to get rid of it, choose a negative and boring activity that does not require a lot of mental energy, and you can spend some daydreaming during it.


Although creativity is the last thing on your mind after a stressful day, one study suggests that we are more Creative Thinking when stressed. Whether we are groggy in the morning or exhausted in the evening.

In one study, Merkle Wyeth, professor of psychology at the University of Albion, subjected two groups of students: one preferred to stay up late, the other liked to get up early, For a series of tests at half past eight in the morning when night lovers feel groggy, and at four in the evening when early risers feel low on their energy.

In analyzing the results, the test time of day made no difference to the result. But on the issues that required some creativity to solve, all participants scored better at the times when they were stressed!

Why?! It is clear that feeling tired does not impair the mind’s effectiveness in blocking confusion, and the connections between ideas and concepts are more weak and forgettable.

As bad as it sounds, creativity is actually building new connections and embracing new ways of thinking; So stress is an excellent tool for Creative Thinking skills.

The Noise

We always look for a quiet, undisturbed place when we want to get some work done. It’s true that calm enhances focus on high-detail tasks, but when it comes to Creative Thinking skills, a little noise can be a plus!

A study by researchers from the University of Illinois divided participants into four groups, each of which performed a series of tests designed to measure creativity while exposed to different levels of noise. 50 dB, 70 dB, 85 dB, or completely quiet.

Participants who took the tests in a medium-noise environment (70 decibels) fared significantly better than the other groups.

And like stress, the right level of noise creates some confusion, which helps it override your natural thought patterns and builds new connections.

So, playing loud music in a brainstorming session may be undesirable; But a moderate level of noise – like the hum of a crowded coffee shop – may be the answer you need.

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