8 Aliens Steps of decision making | How do you make a fateful decision? AliensTips.com

8 Aliens Steps of decision making | How do you make a fateful decision?

8 Aliens Steps of decision making | How do you make a fateful decision?

Many people fail to make the right decision because they are afraid of failure.

Successful people on the other hand know that failure is part of the learning process.

Your ability to make the right decisions will determine your success more than any other factor because the right decision is the basis of success .

8 Aliens Steps of decision making | How do you make a fateful decision? AliensTips.com

How do you make a fateful decision?

  • Defining Successful decision making.
  • Decision making methods.
  • Steps to making important decisions.
  • Decision making and problem solving methods.
  • How did you make a Successful decision.
  • Take into consideration.
  • Decision making steps at work .
  • The Art of Decision Making by Dr. Ibrahim Elfeki

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Defining decision making

Decision making is the act of spontaneously often like buying new clothes or choose a lunch when you go to a restaurant, and there are decisions require thinking and careful and not to rush it, because they may be crucial , such as the decisions of the selection of university specialization or access to a particular job, start a business, Choosing a life partner, breaking up with him and other fateful decisions, not looking at the problem or the matter from several sides may lead to serious consequences that affect your life.

decision-making methods

  • Have the qualifications to make tough decisions.
  • The development of personal abilities to make decisions sound judgment on things.
  • Determine the most important priorities, then the most important, then the least important.
  • Focus on the essentials.
  • Use of logic and rationality in judgment.
  • Relying on innate intelligence.
  • Develop your ability to plan.
  • The future outlook and a holistic view of the situation.
  • Courage and good behavior in difficult situations.

I suppose that you have developed your ability to plan and foresee the future , and that you know how to express your opinion without leaving the opportunity for circumstances to interfere, and that you have the courage to act on the basis of the decisions you have taken, without doubting their correctness. Is this enough?

People in certain areas have difficulty in decision making, so these are the steps that you can take to avoid those difficulties.

Steps to making important decisions.

decision making

Decision making and problem solving.

  1. Be positive in all your actions. Do not delay or procrastinate . Success requires less effort than wasted effort when you fail.
  2. Gather the necessary information, then state your opinion categorically and issue your order with complete belief that you are right.
  3. Reconsider your decisions to ensure their accuracy and timeliness.
  4. Analyze the decisions of others, and determine your position on them. If you reject them, specify the reasons for your refusal and the validity of those reasons.
  5. Expand your awareness by studying the actions of others and benefiting from their success and mistakes.
  6. Be prepared to take full responsibility for your decisions.
  7. Avoid hesitation in making decisions that you fear failure.

How did you make a decision?

There are many important stages of making the right decision.

The right and right decisions are necessary for us to live a productive and happy life.

We all make many decisions on a daily basis, some of these decisions are small and with results that are almost neglected, while others are decisive decisions that may change our lives, some decisions are simple and choices are intuitive and others are difficult and complex.

For critical decision making where the choice is difficult or complex, there are A way to help us make the right decision Keys to the right decision

  1. Decide on the decision you want to make and the goals and results you want to achieve from it.
  2. Gather as much information and facts about the decision as possible to determine the possible options.
  3. Think carefully about the options offered, determine whether they are compatible with your values, tendencies and abilities.
  4. Weigh the probabilities or the possible outcomes, in other words what is the worst that could happen? What would happen if I did such and such? Can I live with the results?
  5. Make a profit and loss list and decide which considerations are important and least important to you.
  6. Consult with people you trust who have gone through the same experience. There may be things you didn’t think about that might alert you to them.
  7. Finally, decision making and watch the results. Make sure that you get the results you expected.

Things to take into consideration.

Nothing is guaranteed: Of course, you cannot prejudge a decision whether it is right or not, and you have to be willing to take a risk.

Look for opportunities: If you make a mistake, see it as an opportunity to learn what doesn’t work and why. Often times you can change your mind about a decision you made.

Do not stand still: if you have done everything you must do to make the right decision and yet you have not made up your mind, do not postpone making an important decision for fear that your decision will be wrong or that you still do not know much about the subject.

Don’t let fear stop you: Sometimes people become idly afraid of making the wrong decision that they forget what they wanted to accomplish, and this hinders making any decision whatsoever.

Do not question your decision: in the end, after you have made your decision, questioning it and rethinking also makes you forget what you want to accomplish, and even more than that, your decision may be right, and when you question it and rethink again, you will make a wrong decision, and the reason for that is because thinking the second time will not It is the same focus and research as it was the first time, which negatively affects the final decision, and the bottom line is after decision making, do not think again and just let things go, and in all cases you will

learn important lessons.

Decision making steps at work.

If you want to make administrative decisions at work, follow these steps

Plan ahead for possible contingencies.

Consider the possibility of any incident that might harm your plans. Making the right decision at the right time depends mainly on making a consistent assessment of the situation at all times.

Follow the principle (what will happen if…) to know to what extent things are likely to go wrong, the manager or the executive who fails to look into the future opens the doors to failure.

Ask your key employees for advice.

Ask your employees for their opinions, suggestions and advice before making the last decision and issuing your orders, try to benefit from their experiences and suggestions.

After you listen to their suggestions in full, it is the stage of discussion, take your decision and issue your order, and then expect your employees to fully support you and their utmost sincerity when implementing the decision and issuing your orders.

Determine the appropriate time to announce your decision.

The appropriate timing for the announcement of the decision is critical.

Give the managers they preside over the time to draw up their plans, reach their decisions and issue the necessary orders to accomplish the work you require.

Do not go beyond their competences by announcing your plans and orders to their subordinates, and leave this matter to them, as they are more deserving of it.

Encourage continuous assessment of situations and ongoing planning.

There are no fixed positions, everything is prone to error and malfunction. Encourage your employees to evaluate situations and develop actions, to be taken when something goes wrong or goes wrong.

Keep those with you informed of the latest developments in the situation.

Don’t waste your time and effort in making sound decisions at appropriate times by ignoring telling the people concerned about them.

Make sure that everyone knows your decisions accurately and knows how things are going, because costly mistakes may result due to the omission to tell an important person about your decision and plan.

Failure to adequately communicate with others results in errors that may exceed intentional disobedience to orders.

Evaluate the long-term consequences of your decisions.

It is not enough to appreciate the western effects of your decision, but foresee its effects in the long run, remember that as soon as you announce the decision and your men begin to implement your plan you will follow situations and events, Don’t let your solutions to today’s problems provoke new problems tomorrow.

In the end, remember this eloquent wisdom. Do what you fear in order to gain the strength to perform it.

A simple principle, but it will benefit you in various areas of your life, and not only in gaining the authority to make the right decision.

The Art of Decision Making by Dr. Ibrahim Elfeki

The important thing is to collect information and facts that help and guide you, but you should not neglect the intuition factor, as it may be the thing that weighs a decision over a decision, and sometimes intuition is your guide. The only one in the absence of a source of information, then the facts first.

If you do not have the weight of any decision, what is left for you is to follow your intuition, at least that is better than making a random choice or not making a decision at all and wasting opportunities that you may regret in the future, remembering a wrong decision making is better than No decision.

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