What Is The Secret of POSITIVE Thinking? AliensTips.com

What Is The Secret of POSITIVE Thinking?

Positive thinking | How to think in a positive way | The right way of thinking

What Is The Secret of POSITIVE Thinking? AliensTips.com

Positive thinking has a definition and its types, and there is another type, opposite to positive, which is negative thinking, which will be included in our conversation during the coming lines.

  • Definition of thinking.
  • Thinking sections.
  • Types of positive thinking.
  • Phrases about positive thinking.
  • How to be a positive thinker.
  • Positive thinking results.

Definition of  thinking

It means carrying out invisible operations within the mind that depend on the present information and its translation to issue orders in order to obtain a specific goal.

God Almighty has distinguished us from other creatures with the mind and honored us with it.

Everything that takes place inside our minds of perceptual and mental processes or processing the inputs of the five senses is considered thinking.

Thinking sections

positive thinking

The definition of positive thinking  is to think in a good way that causes you happiness, no matter how difficult the circumstances surrounding you are, that is, you always look for the good part of everything that may seem bad or ugly. The mind never disturbs you anything.

negative thinking

It is to always think about the missing thing, leaving the available for fear of losing it. You always rush to argue that the cup is half empty and do not thank God that He made it half full and did not make it all empty.

Negative thinking disturbs your mood and upsets your heart. You are sad about the decrease and afraid of losing the existing itself, for the existing does not satisfy you, but your concern is all about what you do not possess.

Types of positive thinking

Positive thinking to support your personal view

This is used when we want to convince some that our ideas are useful and capable of solving crises and problems , in order to convince someone of your point of view, you will think positively and be exposed to the dimensions of your thoughts and the resulting growth, development and solutions to dilemmas. negative!

Positive thinking as a result of being affected by the environment

This happens as a result of changing certain concepts due to the influence of those around you, for example, if you have a negative thought and get to know others positive or watch positive encouraging programs, this will certainly affect your thinking and change it from negative to positive, remember that the environment has a great influence on our thoughts and beliefs as it is able to Remove some ideas and add others. 

Positive thinking in crises

In crises, the individual is in a critical psychological state, and negative thinking only makes the matter worse and more complicated. For example, when illness or amputation of a part, the victim is sad and desperate.

In this case, he will begin to think positive and increase his closeness to God, for he realizes that everything that happens to a Muslim is good for him and remembers those who suffer More than him, he praises God and accepts the matter with a strong and patient heart, after which his psychological condition will improve.

Positive thinking because of timing

At certain times, a person is at ease with a good mind of God, such as the hours of dawn or the month of Ramadan, in which people try hard to obtain God’s pleasure, so it is as far as possible from negative thinking, because they are spiritual times in which the servant is close to his Lord, submissive to His command and avoiding His prohibitions. With it, and if people continued this behavior for days, it would turn into a habit and people would reject negative thinking forever.

Continuous positive thinking over time

This is the best type because it is not linked to a specific time or place. In this type, positive thinking becomes of course a person’s character, whether he is in confrontations, difficulties and challenges or in a high state of psychological stability. The simple is great good, and in the bad there is also abundant good.

Phrases about positive thinking

What does the phrase positive thinking really mean? Sometimes when we are going through tough times or we are simply in a bad mood we always get this advice “Think Positive”. Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand this phrase,

Does it mean ignoring our pain and annoyance?

Do you mean pretend everything is okay?

Sometimes we like to whine and yell when the times are tough, it might help release some stress, but in the end we have to help ourselves get up and move on.

In order to do this we have to change our mentality or attitudes from fruitless mindsets and attitudes to positive and progressive ones, of course, this does not mean ignoring and looking at life as if it is spring all year long and the sun is shining and birds are chirping…

One of the most famous quotes about positive thinking is:

God Almighty said in the modern shrine (   I am  when  My slave thinks  , if  he thought good , he may  ,  if he thought evil hath )

A hadith about positive thinking that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “ There is no infection or a bird, and I like the omen. ” The omen is a good opinion of God Almighty; As the believer hopes for good, and expects from his Lord goodness, if he is in distress, he hopes to rise, and if he is in blessing, he hopes to be harnessed for good.

One of the most famous sayings

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu

Among the expressions of positive thinking and its relationship to the academic achievement of children and adults, the test is easy, God willing, and I will achieve the highest grades . Be optimistic about the good you will find.

Painful feelings and difficult circumstances exist in our daily lives and are an indicator that something is not right and needs intervention.

In these cases, we have to think in a positive way, which is the strategy of interpreting what is happening to us in a rational and fruitful way to fix the imbalance in our life, and this is as I mentioned earlier.

It does not mean ignoring but understanding what is happening and using what we can use to strengthen our resolve and resilience.

How to be a positive thinker

Among the most searched phrases are “ How can I be positive in my thinking ” and “ How do I think positive thinking ” and what is the correct way of thinking. To learn positive thinking skills, follow the following tips

Accept that you are in life to grow and develop

Life is not always flexible and easy. Life lessons can be tough, but they are tougher if you ignore them. If you look at tough lessons as opportunities to be stronger, wiser, and more resilient, you are adopting a positive and productive way of thinking.

Turn adversity into scholarship

An individual’s mistakes are his gateway to discovery

Look for lessons that you can learn from each experience you have. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself when things go wrong, do what you can to improve the situation.

Learn how to avoid falling into the same trap and how to avoid making the same mistakes over and over. By doing this, you will learn a lot and undoubtedly develop and become wiser.

Trust yourself

Know that you have everything you need in order to succeed, your dreams and goals guide you to your true talents and potential. Needless to say, you have to develop your talents and abilities, know that you have to participate in life with something unique because you are unique.

Learn to persevere

True glory is not in not falling, but in rising every time we fall

When you think in a positive way, you never give up. You strive to achieve your dreams and goals with all your might and do not settle for less than what you have set for yourself.

This does not mean that you will not face difficulties and setbacks along the way, but rather that you will not allow them to stop you from completing the journey.

Looking for inspiration and support

Many successful people have suffered a lot in order to reach what they have reached. Studying their experiences and reading about them motivates and inspires you to achieve your goals and dreams too.

Seek support and encouragement from your family and close friends, and avoid people who discourage you. Positive thinking

Positive thinking results

  • Positive thinking does not mean being unrealistic, but rather dealing with life’s challenges as they are.
  • It means being willing to do anything in order to live your life the way it should be, with all the hardships.

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