10 Aliens TIPS For Achieving Goals 10 steps to SUCCESSFULLY achieve Your goals AliensTips.com

10 Aliens TIPS For Achieving Goals

Achieving goals | 10 steps to achieving personal goals | How can I achieve my goals?

TIPS For Achieving Goals, whether your goals small or large , or that your goals personal or job or you have a goal and you want to achieve you need steps to follow in order to reach success in achieving goals , and in this article we’ll introduce you the way and steps should you follow for achieving goals and success in your life.

10 Aliens TIPS For Achieving Goals 10 steps to SUCCESSFULLY achieve Your goals AliensTips.com

The steps to achieve the goals are:

  1. Set one goal.  
  2. Decide what needs to be done to achieve this goal.  
  3. Set small goals that will lead you to achieve the bigger goal.  
  4. Micro-objectives section for tasks.  
  5. Make achieving goals a daily habit.  
  6. Score goals and accomplished tasks.  
  7. Evaluate your performance at the end of each small task.  
  8. Learn from past failures.  
  9. Hold on to your goal until you achieve it.  
  10. Avoid time wasters.  
  11. Steps to achieve the goals Ibrahim al-Feki.

Set a goal

Write down the achieving goals you want and put it everywhere to see it several times in a day, put it on the background of your computer and on your mobile screen, put a copy in your wallet, and another on your wardrobe and wherever you look at it often during the day, then read and reread it at least three times a day.

Decide what needs to be done for achieving goals

Write down and write down all the tasks that you would like to do that would lead you towards achieving this goal, and be keen on being very specific and in clear detail.

Set small goals that will lead you to achieve the bigger goal

Prepare a list of the small goals that you need to do to achieve the larger goal according to a specific date and the most important thing that needs to be done to implement the smaller goals.

Micro-objectives section for tasks

If the small goal is for a week, write down its tasks such as what you will do on Saturday and how much time you will spend in achieving goals and do that for the rest of the days as well.

Make achieving goals a daily habit

Divide goals into daily tasks Make them your daily routine and weekly habits , review your plan and progress and improve and develop your implementation and time management methods.

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Score goals and accomplished tasks

Put a check mark in front of the task and the goal accomplished, this will help you motivate yourself to complete the rest of the tasks in the rest of the days.

Evaluate your performance at the end of each small task

After completing each task, learn about the problems and difficulties you encountered in its implementation and how much time was lost  during its implementation, then decide to perform better in the rest of the subsequent tasks.

Learn from past failures

Learn from your failure to not achieve your goals in the past; But do not let your previous failure or failure to complete a task from the current goal discourage you and give up, review and analyze the tasks and discover what hinders your progress and devise a plan to improve and develop your performance and start implementing it immediately.

Hold on to your goal until you achieve it

It depends on you whether you achieve your goals or not, if you refuse to accept failure,  you will succeed regardless of anything else.

Avoid time wasters

The time that passes cannot be compensated or regained, and the main problem of not accomplishing your small daily tasks and achieving goals is the mismanagement of your time and the best way to deal with it.

Steps to achieve the goals Ibrahim al-Feki

Dr. Ibrahim al – Feki may occur in his books and lectures about achieving goals and how to choose goals and how determined up to him and in this article we collected the most important thing you wrote in an article to read the full article from here to achieve goals Ibrahim al – Feki

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