Which one Is Better BLOGGING Or AFFILATE Marketing? [UNIQUE] blogging Aliens Tips

Which one Is Better BLOGGING Or AFFILATE Marketing? [UNIQUE]

Nowadays, monetization is a fixed issue even with a small website or a new blog. This can be a double-edged sword, since you need to choose the right option to monetize your blog.

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Fortunately, there are many options, tests and even optimizations you can make to make money on the Internet from your WordPress site. If there is one that does not work, you can try another one.

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You should know that if a site makes a lot of money through a particular option, this option will not work for you. This is similar to the position of ads.

Which one Is Better BLOGGING Or AFFILATE Marketing? [UNIQUE] blogging Aliens Tips

The best way to monetize a blog.

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10 Spectacular Ways To Start Making Money From Your Blog?

Cost per click:

This is probably the most common method of internet advertising. How it usually works: You show an ad or a list of links, and you get paid every time someone clicks on it. The most popular provider of this type of advertising is Google AdSense.

AdSense detects the type of content on a page and adds a little spice to it by displaying caution related to that written content. This, in theory, should not only increase the number of ads people click but also prevent them from getting annoyed when they see ads they are not interested in.

Cost per action (CPA):

This type of ad is the same as the earlier one, but the user has to take an extra step after clicking on the link. Usually, it’s about buying something, registering something, or downloading something.

Selling ad space on your blog:

Although your visitors need to do something for the previous method, this method guarantees you income, whether your visitors click on the links or not, no matter what they are buying. In a very simple way, this method includes measures for selling space, advertising on your blog. Changing text bits in add links is a great way to make money.

The good thing about this type of ad is that it takes up very little space and can be easily integrated into your design. After all, these are just general links. It’s about allowing a number of links to be published on your site at a certain cost

Costs vary depending on your site and the links you sell. Some sites can even cost thousands of euros per month and per link. Even small sites can cost hundreds of euros per link and per month.

Pay for content:

This option is not the most ‘popular above all, from an ethical point of view, but it is one of the ways to make money on the internet. How are you? In fact, if you decide to pay for the content, the advertiser will give you a topic (usually a product or service) that you need to write about. If they think you have fulfilled part of the contract (about their terms), you will be paid as the original plan.

You have an interesting practice instead of paying for content: say everything. In fact, it’s to make it clear to your readers that you’ve been paid to write about it, and make sure the money doesn’t tarnish your opinion.

If you want to do this, do a Google search or provided by the “or” review provided by that article and I believe you will be fulfilled.

Promote yourself:

While this can only be applied to a handful of bloggers, it should not be ignored because it is still effective. Simply put, a blog is your universal way of selling whatever service you give. Web developers have done this for years, and little by little other people are doing it. If you have a product or service to promote, do so through your blog.

But don’t forget that a good blog can help sell a product as much as a bad blog can actually damage a product. If you plan to use your blog for this purpose, do it professionally and make sure the product is powered by high-quality content.

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You see, there are many ways to monetize your blog. Choose the one that suits your blog best, the one that you like, the one that won’t bother your readers; Because beyond anything else, your blog is for your readers. When deciding to monetize it, don’t deny it for fear of losing your readers.

Affiliate Marketing

You can do affiliate marketing with your blog. Join some affiliate networks or programs and get your affiliate link. Promote the link with the help of your blog. You will earn a commission if someone buy something with your affiliate links. Basically, it is the fastest way to make money with your blog. For More Info Affiliate Marketing Programs.


Which one Is Better BLOGGING Or AFFILATE Marketing? [UNIQUE] blogging Aliens Tips

Today there is nothing sort of things in digital that can describe which is better to work on. It doesn’t matter what you choose to work in digital. What matters is what interests you most.

As every field in digital requires patience, smart work, learning & learning only. Earning source is the sky limit if one can fly high with confidence.

So whether to say affiliate is better than blogging. Both are equally best at their own platform. Both require smart work, dedication & utmost patience & what your interest a lot.

Blogging & Affiliate marketing are also linked to each other. So if you love blogging & you are passionate to write awesome blogs, then your blogging can indirectly help with your affiliate marketing.

If a person can write eye-catching content then there is no point to differentiate between a Blogging career & Affiliate marketing. Both are a useful source of active/passive income generation.

In affiliate marketing, blogging plays an active role. In short, when you promote a product & want to increase traffic towards your product, content can be a leading agent for that. With the help of your awesome content, you rank higher on Google.

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You start coming into the limelight of the world. Now there is an opportunity that arises, people know you & also they might like that product which you promoted. Chances are might they purchase that product from your link & you receive a commission. So this would also add in your extra income in your earning source.

So if you are interested in blogging, you can indirectly do affiliate marketing also.

So, in short, it’s just not about how much you will be earning from blogging or affiliate marketing. Both are the earning source but it matters what interests you & how you devote your smart work to it.


You can be both.

Blogging is a traffic source, and affiliate marketing is an income stream, so naturally, many bloggers use affiliate marketing as a primary source of revenue.

What you need to do is something called Content Syndication, which means that if you have multiple sources of traffic, (eg. A blog + an email list + YouTube channel), you can mention your other sites to viewers on the other platform.

A great strategy is to put the first part of a topic you’re discussing on one platform and leave a link to your other platform, maybe a video discussion of the second part. This way, you generate more traffic across board, and you reduce how dependent you are on a single platform.

So if for some reason, you get banned or can’t access one site, you can still reach a majority of your audience any time you want to.

I do recommend however that you should stick to one platform in the beginning, get good at it, and then expand from there.

For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Profitable Online Business But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin.

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