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Strategies to Successfully Monetize Your Blog via Affiliate Marketing

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1. Definition of monetizing a blog via affiliates

Affiliate marketing is an effective monetization strategy for bloggers. It involves the process of promoting a product or service from another business in exchange for a commission on any sales generated from the promotion.

Affiliates create links to products, post about them on their blog, and share those links with their audience via social media or email newsletters. When visitors click through these links and make purchases, affiliates receive a percentage of the revenue as commission fees.

Affiliate marketing allows bloggers to increase profits without significantly increasing traffic because it rewards users who drive results instead of page views.

Additionally, affiliate marketing programs are relatively easy to join, making them an ideal option for newbie bloggers looking to monetize quickly and efficiently while building brand loyalty among readers at the same time!

2. Benefits of using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog

Affiliate marketing is a powerful and effective way to monetize your blog.

Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to earn additional income from your content, but it also offers several other benefits as well.

For example, with affiliate marketing you can quickly scale up an existing blog or website by simply adding new links in just a few clicks – this makes earning extra money much simpler than trying to build an entirely new source of revenue from scratch.

Additionally, many online retailers offer generous commission rates for referrals through affiliate marketing programs, allowing you to potentially double or even triple the earnings earned from each post on your blog.

Finally, because all transactions are handled through third-party platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

Affiliate marketing Programmes there is no need for any financial expertise – meaning that almost anyone can start using this system right away!

3. Overview of strategies to successfully monetize your blog with affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing programs are a great way to monetize your blog and generate income from it. By partnering with specific brands, you can offer readers discounts or special promotions for products and services related to your content.

To successfully set up an affiliate marketing program, start by creating a detailed plan that outlines the type of affiliates you will use and how they can promote their offers on your blog.

Additionally, make sure to research the commission rates offered by different companies so that you get the best deal for yourself.

Finally, ensure there is proper tracking in place so that each affiliate’s performance can be measured accurately.

With these strategies in mind, any blogger should be able to maximize their income potential through successful affiliate marketing campaigns!

This is the way that every blogger prefers to start monetizing their blog.

I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest way though.

Affiliate marketing can be really difficult!

Essentially you join a high-paying Affiliate Marketing Programs and receive an affiliate link for a product and service you use and love.

When you consider that product and service in your blog post, you can associate with it (using your affiliate link) If a reader purchases the product and service through your affiliate link then you receive commission!

16 Affiliate Marketing Programs You should Join high-paying For BEGINNER Blogger aliens tips
Blogging Tips
Passive Income
Attracting Readers
Maximize Profits
Page Ranking

A huge question Aliens Tips readers had was How Can I Make More Affiliate Sales? What Can I Do To Effectively Succeed At Affiliate Marketing?

1. Research potential affiliate marketing partners and select the program that best fits the content you are producing on your blog

16 Affiliate Marketing Programs You should Join high-paying For BEGINNER Blogger aliens tips

For affiliate programs (depending on your niche) I recommend checking out: Strategies to Successfully Monetize Your Blog via Affiliates

1. Share A Sale (have some high paying programs)

2. Shop Style Collective (better for beauty and fashion if you can’t get accepted into rewardStyle)

3. Creative Market (Digital products, themes, graphic designs)

4. Amazon (ideal for all niches!)

5. Flexoffers (high paying programs)

6. Convertkit (email list builder)

7. Ebates (better for talking about saving money/shopping)

8. Swagbucks (better for saving money/shopping)

9. Teachable (better for course creation)10. Tailwind (Pin scheduling tool)

11. Awin (similar to Shareasale)

12. CJ Affiliate (similar to flex offers)

13. Siteground (hosting company)

14. Style Stock (stock photos)

15. Ivory Mix (stock photos)

16. Pixi Stock (stock photos)

16 Affiliate Marketing Programs You should Join high-paying For BEGINNER Blogger aliens tips

2. Tips of Getting Accepted Into The Program

Have a professional self-hosted blog with your own domain name. You can check out Name Cheap if you haven’t purchased your own domain yet. It’s unprofessional to have a URL for example:

(www.yourblogname.wordpress.com or www.yourblogname.blogspot.com) you will want to have ownership of your domain name (www.yourblogname.com)

Have a disclosure and privacy policy on your blog. These are both crucial if you want to make money with your blog. If you use ads or collect information like emails you will NEED to have a privacy policy as well.

Have a few posts up before applying. I recommend a solid 5-10 posts to show that you have content and are a consistent blogger.

When applying, (if you are able to) talk about how you plan on promoting the links.

Did You Know You Can Pin Your Affiliate Links And Make Sales Via Pinterest?

NOTE* – When you share affiliate links on Pinterest you must disclose in the description that it is an affiliate link. ALSO – not all programs allow you to pin affiliate links so please double-check their rules!


Another way to share affiliate links on Pinterest is by creating a pin for your link, just like you would a blog post. Rather than linking the pin to a blog post you would upload the created pin to Pinterest and link it directly to your affiliate link!

If you are a fashion blogger, take images of you in the product you are linking to, and pin outfit of the day shots or outfit flat lays, Pinterest LOVES outfit shots.

I am going to give some affiliate product suggestions for a few different niches just to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Fashion

Clothing you wear (brands you wear frequently, ShopStyle and rewardStyle are great for this. Maybe Target and Amazon?)


Handbags and fashion accessories

2. Beauty

Makeup products you use/brands (again ShopStyle, target, amazon)

3. Lifestyle




Home decor

(Amazon is great for lifestyle bloggers, think of products you use every day and love, Shareasale)

4. Mommy

Baby toys

Any baby products

Clothes for kids


(Amazon is HUGE for mom bloggers)

5. Food

Meal companies like Hello Fresh

Meal prep and kitchen supplies


(Again Amazon has it all)

These are just a few examples. Get creative. WHAT PRODUCTS DO YOU USE DAILY AND LOVE? Find the affiliate link or see if a brand has an affiliate program. Almost all products are on Amazon.

Aliens TIPs*  Build A “SHOP MY FAVORITES” Page

You can create a page that links to your favorite products! If you are a fashion blogger you can link to outfits you love. If you are a lifestyle blogger you can link to products you use every day.

3. Utilize email campaigns, social media postings, and other online resources to promote products from your chosen affiliate partner(s)

Email campaigns are an effective way to promote products from your chosen affiliate marketing partner(s). Utilizing emails gives you the opportunity to target a specific audience and include relevant information about the product being promoted.

Social media posts can also be used for promotional purposes, allowing customers to easily interact with and learn more about what is being offered.

Other online resources such as blog postings, video content, and webinars can help increase visibility of any product or service that is featured through an affiliate partnership.

These types of resources provide additional details for potential customers which in turn increases conversions rates due to better engagement with those interested in what is being presented.

Overall, leveraging email campaigns, social media postings, and other online resources makes it easier than ever before to get the word out regarding products from an affiliate partner!

4. Incorporate relevant topics into your posts that align with what is being offered by an affiliate marketing partner or look for opportunities in related industries where there may be crossover appeal

Writing a blog post that incorporates relevant topics is an important step to success. It not only helps drive traffic, but also creates opportunities for additional sources of income through affiliate partners or related industries.

Doing thorough research on the subject matter can help you hone in on what will be most beneficial for your readers and lead to higher engagement with them.

Additionally, good writing practices such as using simple language, adding visuals where appropriate, providing clear examples and explanations within the post itself are all essential ingredients that will improve readability and provide value to your audience.

Finally, by diversifying content across multiple topic areas you can reach new audiences who may have crossover appeal from related fields allowing you even more potential customers or business deals in the future.

5. Make sure each post includes a call-to-action so readers can easily make purchases when interested in something featured on the site

Creating interesting blog posts with a call-to-action is an excellent way to turn readers into customers. Every post should be engaging and professionally written, so it captures the audience’s attention and encourages them to take action.

Additionally, each post should provide clear explanations about the topic in order for readers to make informed decisions when considering making a purchase.

It’s important that the call-to-action be easy to spot within each post, so readers can easily click through if they decide they’d like more information or are ready to make a purchase right away.

By implementing effective calls-to action throughout your blog posts, you can significantly increase sales on your website over time!

6. Track results to determine which types of promotions perform best so you can optimize future offers accordingly

Understanding which types of promotions work best for your business is crucial in optimizing future offers.

To do this, it is important to track the results of each promotional event or offer so you can determine which ones are driving the most engagement and conversions.

Analyzing these results will allow you to identify trends and develop marketing plans that focus on effective strategies.

Ensuring success requires consistent tracking of data such as insights into customer behavior and sales performance metrics over a period of time.

This methodical approach allows businesses to refine their approaches and quickly adjust their tactics if necessary based on informed decisions made from real-time data analysis, helping them make better use of their resources more effectively while increasing ROI in the long run.

Types Of Posts You Can Write To Incorporate Your Affiliate Links

1. Round-up posts

2. Monthly favorites

3. Product reviews

4. Top favorite……


1. Summary of strategies discussed throughout article

2. Encouragement for bloggers looking to monetize their blogs through affiliates

3. Ending statement highlighting how important it is for bloggers to use thoughtful tactics in order to have successful outcomes


Now that you are using affiliate links, you need to protect your blog legally! You need to make sure you make it clear that your blog post contains affiliate links AND you should have a disclosure policy on your blog (especially if you will be doing sponsored posts with brands)

When disclosing links, the disclosure should ALWAYS be located BEFORE the affiliate link is mentioned. NOT AFTER.

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