How to make $1200 Affiliate Marketing Programs Without Blog! Affiliate Marketing Aliens Tips

How to make $1200 Affiliate Marketing Programs Without Blog!

How to make $1200 with these 12 Affiliate Marketing Programs on Pinterest even Without A Website And Blog – Aliens Tips

How much can a beginner make in affiliate marketing?

Pinterest is one of the most used methods to make money online for those people who do not even own a blog. Pinterest is the place where users can share DIY projects, recipes, or even fashion inspiration.

However, there is so much more about this technique. 12 Affiliate Marketing Programs.

If you want to study more about Pinterest, simply signup and use Pinterest and search for “Make money with Amazon affiliate | Amazon Associate Program“.

You will be surprised by the many tips, strategies, and previous success stories that will have been shared on that page.

How to make $1200 with these 12 Affiliate Marketing Programs on Pinterest even Without A Website And Blog - Aliens Tips

Pinterest is not just like the usual social media sites you may use, it’s more like the popular search engines Google and Bing.

However, millions of users are currently using Pinterest to seek products and make the final purchase decisions to buy from this platform.

A main benefit of Pinterest is that it allows affiliate links to be used. Pinterest also offers a platform for affiliate marketers (you and I) to make money online by promoting several companies’ products and services via the affiliate links.

It is one of the several ways where the younger generation, people who aren’t tech-savvy or don’t own money to start a blog can start making money online without having a personal blog.

Pinterest is great for affiliate marketing

If you want to make money online without a site, it is advisable that you join suitable for you from 12 Affiliate Marketing Programs. You have been affiliating your whole life. Just think of those dresses, shoes, or websites that you present your friends when you get a great deal, service, or product. You have been doing this for free most of your life. Sometimes you might get a perk for inviting friends.   Now you can get paid for doing the same thing to a bigger audience without bothering anyone you know. Using Pinterest you can share excellent products, ideas, services to a mass audience just like you have been doing with your friends and family.  

Pinterest affiliate marketing

The best part is if you offer is evergreen your pin can persist for years and be found by new audiences which you could get you paid more and more again.

Therefore, if you have any piece of information that may be helpful to other users, it is the right time you join affiliate programs and start monetizing.

If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing, it is just a fast and honest way where you can earn some cash from marketing a person’s or company’s products online.

For those who want to become parts of an affiliate program for a company or website, in many cases you will have to search google to see if that company has an affiliate program.

You may need to fill out their application form or will have to send the picked company an email explaining your desire to promote their products and services.

Also, you can join via the affiliate networks. It is essential that when joining affiliate programs, you provide a link to your Pinterest profile or a precise board that is related to the products and services that you want to endorse.

Some affiliate programs claim payment. It is recommended you to inquire about the actions required before investing or registering with a company or brand to become their affiliate marketing.

How to make $1200 with these 12 Affiliate Marketing Programs even Without A Website And Blog - Aliens Tips

Types Of Affiliate Pay Models

First you need to become familiar with some of the commonly used words such as CPC, CPA, and CPS.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Cost-per-action or CPA for short means that firms will reward you if a potential customer completes an assigned task. That task may include; filling out contact details, signing up for a membership, inquiring about a newsletter, clicking on an ad, or making a purchase just to name a few.

CPAs are really challenging to use if you do not have totally active members who continuously follow and like your valuable posts.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC are initials for cost-per-click, this means that you will obtain some cash when online viewers visit your affiliate link or ad. CPCs are the most proper for Pinterest especially if your posts have numerous repins.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

Lastly, CPS is defined as a cost-per-sale. Using CPCs is simple. Your goal is to make the sale. Just think of an Amazon product you may want to promote..if your prospect does not purchase you don’t get paid.

For you to improve conversions, it is advisable for you to post valuable content from others on your boards to improve the trust with your consumers while boosting your sales.

“Making money online has never been easy even without a website people consistently make money…you can too” Affiliate Networks  

The right time to apply for an affiliate network is when you are completely aware of the products and services that you require to promote. The following are some of the greatest affiliate networks and programs that most users use to promote their products on Pinterest.

Join affiliate marketing companies you may check on of these best affiliate marketing and also high paying affiliate programs

12 Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Share A Sale affiliate marketing companies

The programs allowed in this affiliate network are Cost per action (CPA) and cost per click (CPS). The commission provided in this network differs between various vendors and companies.

However, this affiliate program comes with a referral program wherever one is awarded $150 on each sale and a further $1.00 on signing up.

2. Affiliate Window (Awin)

In this network, all the programs are offered, that is, CPS, CPA, and CPC. The commission given in this differs between different dealers and firms.

it comes with a referral program where a user is given $30 after the referred client receives the first payment.

How to make $1200 with these 12 Affiliate Marketing Programs even Without A Website And Blog - Aliens Tips

3. Flex Offers

In this affiliate network, CPS, CPC, and CPA programs are allowed. The commission is given also differs between the available companies.

The referral method employed guarantees that the user is awarded a 5% on the regular monthly sales.

4. Shop Style Collective

The only offer CPC. The commission given is $0.5 per click. No referral program comes with this affiliate network.

5. Cj Affiliate one of the best affiliate marketing programs

This affiliate network method was earlier known as the Commission Junction. The programs offered include CPS, CPA, and CPC. To find out the company that allows CPC, you will be required to have the know-how on the company’s terms and conditions.

The commission given is differing among the different companies. No referral program is associated with this network.

6. Rakuten Link Share

The programs given include CPA, CPS, and CPC. The commission awarded also differs among the different companies and vendors. There is no referral program in this affiliate marketing network.

7. Izea

This affiliate network only allows CPS. The commission given is different among the diverse sellers and retailers. This network is associated with a referral program where a user is awarded 2.5-10 % on every sale.

So many affiliate marketing to decide from Affiliate Programs

With various affiliate programs online here are a few popular programs that you can find across the web.

8. Nordstrom

Another affiliate program that can use is Nordstrom. The program pays between 2-18 % commissions per sale via Rakuten. It allows some of the best programs that perform well on Pinterest such as, beauty, fashion, and home décor items. It can be applied to Rakuten and ShopStyle.  

9. Etsy: affiliate marketing companies

Also, one can count using Etsy. It is one of the most commonly used e-commerce websites for locally made products. The commission granted is 4% on each sale. It is required that one set up a seller profile if applying via Etsy. It guarantees that you are a certified seller.

The program can be performed in Etsy, Affiliate Window, and ShopStyle or even on Flex Offers.

10. Go Daddy: affiliate marketing websites

One of the initial affiliate programs is Go Daddy. It is a web hosting service provider firm on this site. A user can make up to $100 when a new client registers for a twelve-month plan.

Also, you can make $25 on the old customers. You can apply for this program on CJ.  

11. Namecheap

Another affiliate program that can be used is Name cheap. It is a firm that sells domains and hosting at a relatively low price. You can earn 30% on each web hosting or domain name that you sell.

The program can also be applied to the Share A Sale.

12. Target affiliate program

You can consider applying to Target. It gives its customers 8% per sale through its direct affiliate marketing program. It means that You can apply through Target without the affiliate network.

The commissions are regularly low if a person applies through the networks. This program can be performed at IZEA, Target, or ShopStyle.

How to make $1200 with these 12 Affiliate Marketing Programs even Without A Website And Blog - Aliens Tips

How To Promote Your Offer

When you pick the product you want to promote you need to get it in front of the right audience. If you are promoting for example dogs product you wouldn’t want to be on cat group boards.

That would not make sense as it is highly likely they wouldn’t be interested. So it would make sense not to waste your time and effort.

put your product in front dog lovers and there is a very high probability someone will be interested as it may be something they need.

When it comes to Pinterest impressions are necessary to any Pinterest user. First, if your pins are shared more, there are higher chances that the impressions will be high and the affiliate pins will be clicked more.

If you employ CPC, you will have numerous clicks and much more money in your account. The CPC affiliate links perform more helpful because of the platform’s primary design, it allows a user to save or re-pin.

Always ensure you have an accurate strategy when sharing any affiliate links.

Also, be consistent and maintain professionalism and quality on your pins.

You can significantly balance and grow your audience by sharing 20 % of their pins and 80% of other pinner’s content. If you had a blog the skew would be different.


If you have a huge following on Pinterest, you should consider looking for sponsors. Sponsors are more comfortable to attract if you have a large Pinterest following.

There is a considerable variation between affiliate relationships and sponsorship. The sponsors are always ready to pay a Pinterest user a complete amount of money to display their brands over a given period.

For Example, if you have a target audience that primarily favors organic food products, and organic food brand can sponsor you to have their product on your account for a specific duration of time.

On the Pinterest platform, this can be classified in the form of a board that only displays the brand of that sponsor. Also, with several affiliate links, one can earn a commission per click, sale, or action. affiliate marketing

How To Get Sponsors

If you are looking for sponsors, look for legitimate companies that you would like to have a long-term working relationship with them. You can send an email to potential sponsors.

Include the following in the emails that you might send:

A detailed analysis of your Pinterest analytics report to show the sponsors on how you will promote their brand.

The number of impressions your Pinterest account receives on average. These numbers are usually higher than the actual number of followers. For example, if you have 13000 followers, but the monthly impressions are over 400,000.

The audience interests and demographics. It explains why your following is the best choice for attaining the sponsor’s business goals.

The analytics reports are only available if a person signs up for a Pinterest business account. The account is free. Pinterest gives instructions on how to go about at this stage.

Selling Physical Or Digital Products amazon affiliate program

Selling physical or digital products has grown easier with the number of sites you can do it from. Digital products are a sustainable source of income for most monetizers nowadays.

Users can promote their products by building a page through the Ontrapages and then share the link on Pinterest.

There is no requirement for a blog at this stage. Using Ontrapages is essential as it ensures a professional landing page is created for your site. It is also cheap to use if you are on a tight budget.

Doing this step allows you to collect email addresses that you should always try to do.

Pinterest guarantees that selling products is easy and straightforward by incorporating a buyable pins feature. This feature is useful if you put your products on an e-commerce website like Shopify. Here you can apply for Pinterest buyable pins.

Some popular products that can help you get started on Pinterest are EBooks, Etsy shop products, workbooks, website templates, courses, home décor, and technology among others.

Where you can if you post a picture of your customers using the products this will lead. It lets the audience to picture themselves with the product. You can use Stencil, Pic Monkey or Canva to create pretty images that your audience would love to click and pin.

Creating Pinnable images is important. Well-designed and hands down pins sell quickly on Pinterest. The pin dimension differs depending on your target audience.

The ideal sizes are 600 X 900 pixels or any 2:3 ratio, you don’t need to be a guru in Photoshop to create astonishing Pinterest images.

Always do thorough research on the best-performing pins on Pinterest.

Use that as an influence to create your images. It is necessary to post different graphics; it keeps the links pinnable and fresh.

Add Seo To Your Pins

  For you to make money on Pinterest, your products need to be searchable. Therefore, ensure that you use the favorite SEO such as Google to move your products up.

You can improve your SEO by using many keywords and filling out your pin. Use the top suggested keywords in the search field. The top suggestions are mostly the frequently searched names on any particular topic.

After coming up with a few keywords, fix those keywords everywhere your boards and pins.

To further increase your earnings, you can create or join group boards. Group boards can significantly increase your number of impressions.

Group boards can be found on PinGroupie.

Look for active boards that re-pin a lot in the niche you are promoting.

Read the rules before you join any group. Some groups do not like direct affiliate marketing links.

For example, A pin that goes to a blog post that contains affiliate links would be assumed ok. A pin that goes directly to the affiliate offer wouldn’t be acceptable.

Don’t spam. This could get your account flagged and banned.

If you are in many groups posting the same pin to all these groups at the same time might be considered spam.

Stagger your pin posting by a day if you want to use the same pin in multiple groups. affiliate marketing

Use A Board Scheduler in affiliate marketing

You can pin manually but, this will take a long time each day the more boards you have. If you have 15 boards and you wanted to add 3 pins per board daily you would find 45 pins each day which could take 30 minutes a day.

Using a board scheduler similar to Tailwind or Pinpinterst you can automate pinning to your boards.

All the above have 7 days trial to 1 month free trials

I have used both of the above and use them for different things.

Tailwind knows the best times to pin to your audience after you have used it a few times. Choose the number of pins

you want to post a day and you will get a schedule.

What makes Tailwind so good is Tailwind Tribes.

Just think of it as Tailwind’s version of a Pinterest group but on Tailwind.

Here like-minded bloggers share pins they like to their boards which give you way to new audiences and traffic seeing your Pin.

See what pins are viral by the little blue flame in the top right corner and try to replicate with your own spin.

Add your pins into your tribes you join and schedule them in the groups you are a contributor to.

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