12 Best adsense Alternatives To Google Adsense You Should Consider adsense alternatives Aliens Tips

12 Best adsense Alternatives To Google Adsense You Should Consider

12 Best Alternatives To Google Adsense You Should Consider

If you are looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives? Then, we will show you in this post some great ad networks you can go for.AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives Google Adsense is clearly the most famous ad network in the online marketing world.And If you read How to make money from AdSense? and you are here so far. 

This means that You are looking for Some of Google AdSense best alternatives.If you own a blog that follows all the guidelines of Google with good content, then you can easily monetize your site.


But the problem begins when

  1. You apply for Google Adsense and you get shocked with the reject2.

Adsense banned your blog for unsuitable activitiesSuch circumstances can be heartbreaking, but trust me that’s not the end.  There are several Google Adsense alternatives you can go for and that’s exactly what I will discuss here. 

12 Best Alternatives To Googl*e Adsense You Should Consider if you got rejected from google adsense

4 Reasons that make You Looking For A Google Adsense Alternative

1. Google rejected your blog because it doesn’t meet their requirement.

2. Your blog got banned by them because of inappropriate activity.

3. You want to add another ad network to increase your revenue.

4. You don’t like the minimum payout of $100 

Here It Comes The Best Google Adsense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

1. Media.net

Media.net is a contextual ad network powered by Yahoo & Bing. It is similar to Adsense & is considered one of the Best Alternative.  It displays relevant ads to your content which increases the Click-through rate.

Therefore, you have better chances to make money from ads. 

Some features are:

1. The best alternative of Adsense

2. No minimum traffic requirement

3. Monthly payouts are via wire transfer or PayPal

4. Minimum payout is $100 the same as Adsense

5. Provides mobile ads

6. Provides high-quality CPC ads

7. Doesn’t accept sites having adult, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, forums and discussion boards, user-generated content  CLICK HERE TO JOIN 

2. Ezoic

Ezoic is not an ad network, but it is definitely worth mentioning here. 

It is a program that connects your blog with different ad networks to optimize your revenue from them. 

It presents website intelligence for their ads, content, layouts…  

After setting up an account, they seamlessly do astonishing experiments using its artificial intelligence to improve your Earnings.  

It automatically adjusts the ad layout, its position by analyzing readers activity which results in more interaction. 

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

Following are the features:

  1. You need at least 10,000 page views to join

2. You get paid when you reach at least $30

3. Increases your ad revenue by 50% – 150%.

4. Automatically experiments with different ads, layout, and position so you make the most out of it.

5. It offers a free plan for one month. then, you can either purchase their pro plan or you can use it for free by placing an Ezoic ad on your site through which they earn a small revenue.  

12 Best Alternatives To Googl*e Adsense You Should Consider if you got rejected from google adsense

3. Infolinks

This is Infolinks website Infolinks is an in-line text ad network that provides innovative ads based on your content & user intent.  

It converts specific keywords from your site content into ad links that display ads while hovering the mouse cursor.  When the reader clicks on those ads, you get paid.  

The good thing about Infolinks is that they don’t take much space on your site which makes it appear cleaner. 

Some features:

1. Easy & Quick setup

2. Provides Inframe, Infold, Intag & Intext ads.

3. They combine ads within your content

.4. Minimum Payout is $50

5. Monthly payouts are via Wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, e-check.  

4. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is a UK based CPM Ad network that pays for impressions to its publishers. It is excellent for medium & large size publishers.  

It offers different ad formats such as Mobile web Ads, Banner Ads, OnClick Ads, Video links & Direct Ads.  Propeller Ads can pay up to $10 per 1000 impressions which is damn great. However, it depends on your Geolocation. 

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

Features Include:

  1. It offers high CPM rates2. Multiple revenue models to pay such as CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL3. Minimum payout is $100 the same as Adsense4. Payment is net 30 days5. Payment via Paypal, Payoneer, Wire, Skrill, WebMoney Z  

5. Viglink

Viglink is another in-text advertising network.  

it works differently than the rest of them. Viglink actually converts your normal links into affiliate links.  If a reader makes a purchase through that link, you earn a referral commission.  

For example, if you have a post where you mentioned the word “GoPro performance camera”.  

VigLink will convert that text into an affiliate link or convert an existing link to the affiliate link.  This ad network is excellent for those bloggers who write a lot about different products or have an e-commerce site. 

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

Some features are:

  1. You can make more money than other in-text ads.

2. SEO friendly

3. Monthly payout via Paypal, ACH, Check, Wire

4. Minimum payout is $10  

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

6. Bidvertiser

BidVertiser website ad is another excellent Adsense alternative that offers text & Image Ads.  It focuses on banners, pop-under, and slider advertising for desktop and mobile.  

It works differently than other Ad programs because it has a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to advertise on your blog.  

Actually, you might not see much earning, but by the time your earnings will increase as soon as your site is found by other highest bidders.  

Unlike other ad networks, you can get instant approval when applied to be a publisher of Bidvertiser.  As a precaution, never violate BidVertiser terms & conditions it may result in banning. 

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

Some features are:

1. Instant auto-approval. New sites can easily monetize their blog.

2. You can earn via CPC, CPM & CPA

3. The minimum payout is $10. For a check, it’s $50.

4. Payment methods include PayPal, Western Union, Check, and Wire Transfer  

7. Amazon Native Ads

Amazon Associates is the world’s largest affiliate program.

Still, many of you might not be familiar with “Amazon Native shopping ads”. 

 It is an ad network powered by Amazon that displays ads on your site.

But it differs from Adsense because only get paid when those ads result in sales.For example, if a reader clicks an Amazon ad on your site and then buys any product from Amazon within a certain time, you’ll get paid for it. 

This ad network is clearly suitable for those sites that publish a lot of content on Amazon products. 

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

Features are:

1. The minimum payout is $10 for direct deposit & Amazon gift card. For a check, it’s $100.

2. It doesn’t have a PayPal option. So, if you’re a non-US resident, you have to use Payoneer to receive payments. You can refer to this guide for more info.

3. best suited for those bloggers who receive US/UK traffic.  

8. Skimlinks

  Skimlinks is similar to Viglinks where your ordinary product links or text gets converted into affiliate links.  It is integrated with several affiliate programs so you don’t have to join any affiliate program separately.  If you have a site with lots of product rich-content, then Skimlinks will work amazingly for you. 

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

Features include:

  1. Minimum payout is $10 and it takes a minimum of 60 days to clear your money after validation2. Combines all the affiliate networks so that the publisher gets all the affiliate links from one company3. Payments via check, Paypal, or bank transfer.  

9. Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads is a global food & wine ad network, focusing on marketing food for brands. 

If you have Recipe Websites, Food Blogs, Wine blogs, and Cooking Video sites, then this ad network is perfect for you.  

Gladly, there is no minimum traffic requirement, and it’s fabulous for small websites with less traffic. 

Some features are:

  1. Gourmet pays for CPM, CPC, CPA, Video Ads.2. Accepts only food, wine, cooking, recipe-based website3. Minimum payout is $504. Payments via  ACH bank transfer, Paypal  

10. YesAdvertising

  YesAdvertising is an online ad network dominated by YesUp Media Inc. It uses CPM, CPC & CPA pricing models to pay its publishers.  It offers high CPM rates & doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement. You can register with them & instantly monetize your site with ads.  However, before ads become visible on your site, there is a verification process to ensure that your site complies with its terms and conditions. (to avoid spam websites). 

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives

Features Include:

  1. It offers In-Text, Text Banner, Pop Under, and Graphical Banner Ads

2. No minimum traffic requirement

3. Minimum payment threshold is $50

4. Paid via Check, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, and Perfect Money

5. Payment term is Weekly and Bi-Weekly  

11. Adversal

AdSense Alternatives google ads alternatives propellerads alternatives Adversal is a high paying CPM based ad network which is a great alternative to Google Adsense. 

It provides a high CTR if your audience is based in the US/UK.  However, your site must have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month before getting accepted. 

Here are some features:

 1. Minimum Payout is $202. Payment via Paypal & Check3. Payment term is 35 days  

12 Best Alternatives To Googl*e Adsense You Should Consider if you got rejected from google adsense

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