How to Stop Wasting Time How to overcome time wasters

How to Stop Wasting Time? 11 Most Important Reasons

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Waste of time in the administrative process

Time wasters are widespread in working life and they affect plans, business and life and getting rid of the habit of wasting time in the field of management is not easy because of employees who are less affiliated with the work.

These employees are the most destroyers of organizations internally because they waste time, fail to perform their duties, and distract from others who are more committed than them. These Wasting Time must be eliminated.

To overcome Wasting Time, you must identify the most important waste of time, their causes and how to overcome them, and this is what we will mention in this article.

How to Stop Wasting Time How to overcome time wasters

What a waste of time?

1. Lack of plans.

2. Lack of clear goals.

3. Telephone interruptions.

4. Write a lot of notes.

5. Policy conflict.

6. Ineffective meetings.

7. Unorganized workplace.

8. Procrastination and procrastination in performing tasks.

9. Failing to delegate.

10. Too much attention to detail and over-precision.

11. Misplaced papers.

12. Errors in the delivery and execution of orders.

13. Vulnerability in the file archive system, which makes it difficult to recover.

14. Confusion and hesitation in making decisions.

15. Friendly visits at work.

What are the reasons for wasting time?

Reasons for wasting time in management.

1. Slow Beginnings.

Being slow in doing things and being late when doing them.

2. Waste work time.

Lots of short breaks are wasted, such as eating and drinking times. Consuming a lot of time during these breaks leads to the postponement of many tasks.

3. Disorganization.

Lack of organization of the workplace leads to the loss of a lot of time when searching for a specific file or saving and archiving it.

4. Doing self-loving tasks at the expense of the tasks entrusted to you.

The soul tends to do the easy and beloved work instead of doing the necessary and routine work, and the result is the waste of work time in unnecessary personal matters such as gossip, hobbies and interests outside the scope of work.

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How to overcome time wasters?

How to Stop Wasting Time?

Waste of time.

The best way to deal with time wasters is to develop a plan to reduce wasted time based on time wasted in the past and to overcome time wasters follow the following

1. Identify the sources of wasted time at work and in your life, and answer the following questions.

What is causing you to lose valuable time?

What is the extent of this problem? How long does the product lose for that reason?

How much does that take up your free time?

2. Make plans to reduce wasted time.

After you have identified the time wasters in your work, plan to reduce the Wasting Time.

3. Divide your time.

Divide your Wasting Time into time you waste and time others squander for you Related Articles : How to Use Your Time at Work.

4. Set goals.

Set goals for reasons you waste time to remove from your time.

5. Write down your goals and plans.

Decide how you will achieve these goals by changing your habits and imposing discipline on your behavior and on others to control your Wasting Time.

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6. Execute goals and plans.

Accomplish your planned work and you need to insist on implementation to succeed in managing your Wasting Time.

7. Keep the progress schedule

Keep a table showing your progress on your weekly and monthly goals. This will keep your motivation strong and prevent you from falling back on your time management.

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Practical suggestions for dealing with time wasters

1. Make a list of all the activities that need to be done tomorrow.

2. Prioritize your list on a criterion (very important, important, not very important, unimportant) and tick each

completed task.

Task schedule.

3. Eliminate all activities that you can delegate to others from your list

4. Select the person to whom you will delegate the task and follow up on their implementation.

5. Estimate the time required to make each phone call.

Learn about time wasters so that you can manage your time efficiently and effectively

Wasting time is one of the biggest problems that we face in our lives. To get rid of time wasters, we have to manage our time and our lives. Effective time management is the main way to reach the greatest successes in your life.

It helps you focus and organize your needs according to their importance, so that you can accomplish the tasks required of you in a timely manner and in more efficient ways and with minimal effort .

11 Most Important Reasons for Wasting Time.


Confused the importance of things

Lack of focus

Not being able to say no

Sudden interruptions

Repetitive effort

Unrealistic planning


Ineffective meetings


Many Papers


Many people like to procrastinate in carrying out their tasks, although they may have enough time to complete these tasks, otherwise they insist on procrastinating in their implementation and then make excuses to postpone them without a convincing reason for others.

Confused the importance of things

Many people do not know their priorities, what is most important and what is least important, what should be done, and what should be postponed! So he is Wasting Time on less important tasks and then says I don’t have enough time to complete all the tasks or daily or the day ends quickly.

Lack of focus

You may start doing something and then stop to make a phone call to a friend, or to do something else that can waste a lot of time.

Not being able to say no

A person who is ashamed to refuse visits, invitations, or conversations that do not have a previous appointment finds himself lost, unable to control his time.

Sudden interruptions

These interruptions interrupt your mental thinking, and take up a lot of your time such as phone calls, emergency calls, and unscheduled visits to a friend. that suits you best, select dates to answer calls or place the recording plans for the You want to say when you call.

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Repetitive effort

It means that you are engrossed in one thing, and you leave it to do something else, and then go back to what you were doing first, and this makes you make a double effort.

Unrealistic planning

It means that you plan and organize your Wasting Time in an undisciplined manner. The matter that consumes five days, you give only one day, and the task that requires two days, you give it four or five days. This will make chaos in your life and also consume a lot of your time.


Your papers are scattered, your needs are neglected, you are constantly looking for your phone or your keys and your work bag, these are all simple things that waste your time and waste.

Ineffective meetings

To treat it, better prepare the meeting and learn the method of useful and effective meetings .


One of the most Wasting Time is a lot of waiting, so a lot of time is wasted while waiting for the doctor’s visit, traffic, transportation, etc., and in order to benefit from your time, be ready with a book or papers that you need to follow up, make calls, or other work.

Many Papers

The large accumulation of papers on the office is one of the reasons for wasting time, especially for employees, and in order not to waste between them and improve its management.

Section any paper that passes you to the following sections:

1. Immediate action

This type of paper does not need to be studied or memorized, but rather requires you to make an immediate decision. Stop Wasting Time and do not keep the papers, but take the decision immediately and transfer it to the concerned person.

2. Study and then conduct

This type of paper needs to be taken action but after studying, consulting or gathering information, keep this type of paper in a special drawer and add it to your agenda.

3. Leaves for preservation

Keep these papers in your archives and keep them in order. These papers usually have legal significance, significant memory, or will need to be returned to in less than 3 years.

4. Papers to the trash

All papers that do not meet the above divisions must be thrown into the trash without hesitation, or else you will accumulate many papers that you do not need.

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