How Do You Convince The

How Do You Convince The Customer To BUY?

How do you convince the customer to buy?

Before you know how to convince the customer to buy you should know first:

How Do You Convince The
  • What is selling?
  • Why do customers buy?
  • How do you know that a customer will buy?
  • Buyers Attributes.
  • How do you convince the customer to buy?
  • How do you convince the customer to buy a product or service you offer?

What is selling?

Selling is the theoretical knowledge of sales plus practical experience in making the sale, Knowledge is the amount of information you obtain about the product, the selling skills you acquire, and your positive or negative mental attitude toward your work, and experience is what teaches you how to apply this knowledge on the ground by completing deals with customers.

Selling is a science acquired by learning, trial and error, and there are fixed rules for everyone who sells a product or service or others that you should not violate and it does not lie to the customer or argue with him. 

In order to understand the customer well, you must understand why he buys a particular product or service and not others, and what his needs and desires are for you to meet if they are available in your product or service of course.

Why do customers buy?

  1. To solve a problem they have.
  2. Because they think they need or really need this product.
  3. To gain a competitive advantage.
  4. To save money or speed up production in their factory or company.
  5. To eliminate errors or lay off employees and save costs.
  6. To improve their feeling or change their mood.
  7. To show off what they have in front of others.
  8. To strengthen a relationship.
  9. To convince them of the product and find a profitable deal for them or believe that it is a profitable deal.

Selling isn’t about identifying the style of buyer in front of you; So there are many types of consumers.  

How do you know that a customer will buy?

In order to identify the types of consumers, three methods are used to identify the characteristics of buyers:

  1. See the customer for their needs.
  2. Listen to him with the intention of understanding his qualities and his requests.
  3. Ask him appropriate questions to complete the deal.

Buyers Attributes

  • Controversial.
  • knowledgeable claimant.
  • materialistic.
  • loyal.
  • hesitant.
  • unqualified.
  • talkative.
  • reckless.
  • stubborn.
  • friendly.
  • resourceful.
  • silent.
  • rational.
  • emotional.
  • liar.
  • Rude.
  • Miserable.
  • Hidden.
  • Conservative On the customs and traditions.
  • The arrogant.
  • The living dead.
  • The impolite.
  • The procrastinator.

In most cases, the buyer has more than one of these characteristics, and your role is to identify the characteristics of this customer so that you can convince the customer to buy. 

If you listen to buyers and observe their behavior, you will know their characteristics and their response to you, and thus you will know what you say to them and what you do not say to them, and you will succeed in linking their characteristics with the reason for buying from you and what drives the customer to gain your trust and interact with you, and you will succeed in achieving the sale.

How do you convince the customer to buy?

Never argue with the customer about his complaint or objection, and show your dissatisfaction with him.

Do not appear as the defeated person in front of him.

Try to make the customer your friend at all costs to convince the customer.

Try to get along with the customer.

Never lie to him, knowing that in the future or now he will leave you and never return to you.

Be consistent with him in talking and dealing and show your interest in him.

Focus on the benefit of the product to the customer, not its merits.

Respond to client objections.

Ask questions to complete the sale.

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