How to become a successful salesperson  Your guide to success in the sales job

How To Become a Successful Salesperson?

How to become a successful salesperson | Your guide to success in the sales job

How to become a successful salesperson  Your guide to success in the sales job

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What are sales

It is the process through which the target customer is influenced, and prompted to make a decision to purchase a specific product or service, and this process of influence is carried out by the salesman.

What does sales representative mean?

A sales representative  is an employee working in the sales department of a company who performs specific tasks agreed upon with the sales department to achieve agreed sales  goals.

These goals are often selling large quantities of a particular product, increasing the number of existing customers, or maintaining the customer base by doing  sales activation.

What is the job of a sales representative?

Many people think that they can work in the job of a successful salesperson, as it is one of the most offered jobs in the labor market and does not require previous experience, and it has advantages such as obtaining a car and a percentage (commission) of the sale.

Yes, anyone can be a successful salesperson, but there is a difference between two representatives who sell the same product to the same target group of customers, one of whom achieves high sales rates compared to the other.

The successful salesperson job is considered one of the most profitable jobs, unlike the rest of the jobs.

The more you work hard and  increase your sales, the more money and commissions you will get.

successful salesperson is considered among the most important employees in companies because they sell the company’s products to bring money and profits, Which helps it to grow and prosper and pay the salaries of its employees and workers.

As one sales expert said,

In the business world, nothing happens unless someone sells something to
someone else

Meaning, if a product is not sold, the factory will not work and will be closed and workers, employees and managers will be dismissed, and the sale will not occur without the salesman.

Sales Representative Skills | Successful Salesperson Skills.

1. Persuasion skill.

You cannot sell a product that you yourself are not convinced of, and you cannot sell when you cannot convince the customer of the product you are offering them, or that you are a professional salesman, or that you are not trustworthy so that they do not think that you are deceiving them.

2. Time management.

The difference between a unsuccessful and successful salesperson is good time management of successful, may find 2 of salesman working same company and same area and peddling same product for same customers one them sells fold other.

For most cases the successful salesperson cares punctual with customers and will contact them according schedule subject Before him, he uses tools and applications to alert his appointments and tasks.

3. The art of dealing with different types of customers.

Customers are different, some like to talk and others like to be silent, and some of them are liars and rude ones.

As a successful salesperson, you have to know with which type of customer is the customer you are selling to so that you can deal with it accordingly.

To know the type of customer and how to deal with it, we advise you to read the article Types of customers and how to deal with them.

4. Decision-making skill.

To let the customer know that you have the decision-making authority, whether and the person responsible for the sale to follow up, deliver and deliver the goods to him.

Too many salespeople fail to make a decision right because they are afraid of failure. Successful representatives on the other hand know that failure is part of the learning process.

5. The ability to solve customer problems.

Know your customers’ problems about your company or product, whether by meeting them, receiving their calls or contacting them, and following up on solving their problems until they are satisfied with dealing with you.

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6. Provide advice and assistance.

In order for your customers to become your permanent customers, they must be your friends, and you must treat them as your friends by helping them in the event they need or request assistance, whether assistance through counseling or assistance in carrying out a specific task requested.

Successful Salesperson Objectives.

1. Your goal as a successful salesperson is to help customers get a sense of satisfaction with the product they purchased on the decision.

They made to buy from you, so you should treat customers as you would like to be treated when you buy.

I remember when you went to buy something and you liked the treatment and welcome you found there and you were treated as the only and best customer.. to succeed in the field of sales treat your customers the more you are treated as a customer and the better.

2. In order to achieve the interests of customers, you must first forget the interests of yourself by placing yourself in the place of the buyer and the customer.

They do not buy the products you offer them, but they buy the products that achieve their feelings.

satisfaction and satisfaction.

3. Successful salesmen have specific and clear goals, such as selling a certain amount of the product in a specific month, setting specific targets, or gaining new customers in a short and specific period of time, or collecting money. or other goals.

4. Selling is a profession with special specifications. Your job is the successful salesperson not only to complete the sales process for the target customer, but to gain their trust so that they can become permanent customers for you and send their acquaintances and friends to buy from you.

Traits of a successful salesperson.

Here are some of the qualities you must have as a successful salesperson:

1. You should be good-looking and an ambitious person who wants to succeed in this profession, and be patient and tactful in your dealings with others.

2. To have the skill of good listening and listening to others, whether your colleagues or your superiors at work, and follow their directions and accept their criticism with open arms.

3. Listen to your customers until you know their needs.

4. To be honest in your speech, committed to your promises that you make to your clients and your appointments with them, whether it is meeting them or calling them, or delivering their goods.

5. To be intelligent, quick-witted, careful, observant, and understand what is going on around you.

6. Sincerity and honesty at work, that is, you must maintain the confidentiality of information about your company and do not disclose it to others, especially competitors, and you must preserve the secrets of your customers and their information.

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How do you convince the customer to buy?

We all love to buy, but we hate to be sold to us, especially when a successful salesperson comes to us with products that we did not order.

You have to put yourself in the place of the customer in this case and know the excuses and objections that he can use to get out of this situation in order to be able to overcome these objections .

To convince the customer to buy from you, follow these steps:

1. Do not sell a product that you yourself are not convinced of.

2. Show the product and its advantages and advantages that your company offers compared to competitors.

3. To understand the customer, you have to think in his own way.

4. Leave the decision to the customer and do not pressure him, as it may backfire.

5. Don’t force him to buy a product he doesn’t need.

6.  Do your homework and let the item sell itself after your explanation.

7. Use jokes and tell his side with the new customer to remove the barrier between you.

This helps you close the deal with him and win him over to become a regular customer , but don’t use too much humor, as some of them may not like jokes or may have heard them before or misunderstood you.

8. Think positively when you don’t get a deal done.

Out of every ten customers only one buys instead of considering that 9 out of 10 did not buy think that 10% of your deals have been completed and when you think this way when you hear the word “no” you are more confident that you are close to completing the deal and getting “yes” .

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How to become a successful salesperson  Your guide to success in the sales job

Fastest way to sell.

1. Collect information on customers.

To collect sufficient information about the customer to know how to deal with him. And you leave a good impression on him so that he can remember you when you visit him again.

As it is known to all salespeople, the sale is not verified from the first visit you make to the customer.

2. Customer assistance.

3. Gain new clients.

After you sell your products to your customers and they are satisfied with what you offer, they will send their friends and acquaintances to you to become your customers, and these new customers will send their friends and acquaintances as well.

Ways to increase sales.

1. Providing gifts, rewards, incentives and creating competitions.

2. Make cuts in specific periods (in the recession period or to get rid of merchandise).

3. Making offers and discounts for large quantities.

These are some of the ways and to learn more about increasing sales and for more information you can see these articles Increasing sales.

Ways to collect debts and money from customers.

One of the most common problems that successful salesperson face is deferred sales, installment sales, and check sales, especially if customers do not have a credit history in the company or have never dealt with it. customers

1. amutir to send bills to buy goods at the time about the same each month to customers , and should these bills contain all information relating to the sale (purchase date, cost , and account balance and conditions).

2. Granting the loan depends on some specific conditions, which may differ from one client to another based on the client’s circumstances by reviewing the borrower’s history and ability to pay his financial obligations, and then the terms of payment can be set and credit limits .

3. The customer (borrower) should fill out a credit application form and the form should include a promise to pay in accordance with the terms of the credit agreement.

4. There should be a clause in the contract that allows the customer’s credit record to be searched, that is, to verify the correctness of the information provided by the credit applicant.

5. In the case of payment in installments, expect the emergence of some problems, especially during periods of economic depression.

6. It is advisable to show a degree of flexibility to customers with regard to the payment of dues in case of late payment so as not to lose them.

7. Determine the degree of slow payment in order to apply strict measures to pressure the customer who has not paid the debt and the payment date has passed for a long time

8. Cases of frequent delays in the payment of debts, and  you must start moving to sue him.

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