What are the time wasters and how can I overcome them AliensTips.com

What are The TIME wasters and How can I overcome them?

What are the Time wasters and How can I overcome them?

What are the time wasters and how can I overcome them AliensTips.com

Types of personal time wasters and how to deal with them?

Many employees waste their time on less important tasks at the expense of more important tasks, which pushes some of them to complete the rest of their work at home.

Despite the enthusiasm and sincerity of this type of employees in their work, they are considered wasting their time for failing to plan well for their time.

The difference between the manager and the employee is that he is the manager his work does not have more hours than other employees or his diligence in his work, but rather his ability to manage his time properly and make decisions that lead to the development of work and to be able to manage his work team and delegate tasks to them.

  • The main time wasting factors?
  • How to overcome time wasters?
  • How to deal with time wasters in administrative processes?
  • How to deal with time wasters Practical suggestions for dealing with time?

The main time wasting factors

Useless meetings

Talking a lot on the phone

Interrupts while working

Friendly visits at work

Paper jams on the desktop (a pile of papers means delayed decisions)

Incomplete information

lack of authorization

Memory Reliance

Not listening

No plan

Postponement of work

Not prioritizing

How to overcome time wasters?

1. Phone.

The phone is an important means of communication and it has a high effectiveness in many circumstances, but sometimes it may turn into a serious waste of work time , and the successful administrator must address the problems of the phone and its impact on wasting work time by following these steps:

  • Make your calls go through someone else like a secretary
  • Inform the speaker that you have an appointment or are expecting a call if the call is longer than the acceptable rate.
  • Enter directly into the topic.
  • your contacts simultaneously.
  • Try to be the one who ends the call.
  • Use a message recorder.

2. Business visits.

Office visits, whether from friends and colleagues, and the associated reception and courtesy, and engaging in conversations with which a large amount of time is wasted. To deal with it, follow the following.

If a colleague asks you are you busy? answer yes

  • If a visit is necessary, do it.
  • Reconfigure the office so that it discourages others from visiting you.
  • Encourage the principle of work through appointments.
  • It is recommended that you receive the visitor outside the office.

3. Frequent meetings.

In most companies, the manager spends about ten hours a week in meetings, and 90% of managers say that half of their meetings are a waste of time, i.e. an average of five hours a day, which means 250 hours a year for each manager.

  • Always ask yourself is the meeting necessary?
  • Do you have to attend the meeting?
  • Is the call or the internal memo enough?
  • Is it possible to shorten the duration of the meeting?
  • Is it possible to reduce the number of meetings?

How to deal with time wasters in administrative processes

If the meeting is necessary, it should be

1. Inform the attendees of the purpose, place and duration of the meeting.

2. Provide as much information as possible to the participants before the start of the meeting.

3. Send the agenda well in advance of the meeting.

4. Start on time.

5. Alert participants when near the end of the meeting.

6. Stop the meeting on time.

How to deal with time wasters Practical suggestions for dealing with time

The rational management of time basically requires us to know the Time wasters, as if we look at the end of our day for the last 24 hours, we will find that most of our time has been spent in negative things that are useless, although the most important waste of time these days for people, especially the youth group, is the Internet in general And Facebook in particular, but there are many other wastes of time that we overlook and spend daily on hours of our day, including:

Arguing a lot

When making a decision with your co-workers, be aware that your co-workers may have better ideas about this thing, but you keep talking about your idea as perfect over and over for hours until everyone gives up, with age you will become more mature to know that there is no Right or wrong opinion or idea.

And that a single story or issue may take many sides, each of us has his own point of view, and arguing in order to try to impose your opinion and convince people to see things from your perspective will not support your position and will not help in any way, but on the contrary, it may hurt their feelings and lose your relationship with them especially If you do not try to understand their opinion in return.


Many people resort to procrastination and procrastinating in carrying out some tasks in order to do them later, which makes them Time wasters, as they may eventually have to postpone very important things to do those things.

The focus

Undoubtedly, lack of focus wastes time and reduces time, but what if I told you that focus also wastes time, and here I mean focus with others.

Your attempts to please people will waste a lot of time on you, as it will be at the expense of more important things. So it is better to focus only on yourself and on self-development .

20 reasons to waste your time, think about eliminating them from your life

Time wasters

Duplicate interrupts

Repeated interruptions to do something else, like answer a phone call or watch a YouTube video, make you work twice as hard to get back to the same level of concentration you had before the interruption.

Being unreal

When you work on organizing your time and setting your daily schedule, you must adhere to realism and give each task an appropriate time to perform it. For example, you cannot give a task that needs an hour for a whole day, and you cannot give a task that needs only one hour.


Sometimes you plan every little thing and set a schedule to carry out your work, but you are surprised by a call from your friends to spend a few minutes with them, and there is no doubt that those minutes will extend for hours in useless conversations, so you have to learn how to say “no” and that your compliments to those around you are at the expense of Your ego will not benefit you at all.

Finally, the process of time management is a complex process and no person can reach perfection in managing his time and using 100% of his time positively, so you should not be sad if you cannot implement your daily schedule to the full.

The important thing is that you continue in this approach and do not leave your time and your day to the whims of others . Start now to manage your time to build yourself and always remember the famous saying: “Time is like a sword, if you do not cut it, it will cut you.”

How to get rid of the time trap

Here is a list of time wasters gathered in eight straight years of asking managers in many countries about time management. The solutions tend to be quite personal, but the time wasters are almost the same in this world.

Quiet hour

If we follow the previous tips for the three time wasters, then we are on the right path to use the time in an optimal way, and it is very useful to take into account a tool with which we enrich our working life and we mean (the quiet hour) that is, the time when you are at the peak of your activity to finish any project you have without interruptions.

And if you try to browse your normal daily work history, you will discover that it is characterized by a number of unnecessary interruptions or that take longer.

You will also find necessary interruptions, even if they are short related to important tasks and topics, and you can wait until you finish your task that you are working on (the quiet hour) It can really help you a lot in this place.

The main steps that help determine the quiet hour:

1. Set the start and end time and make it known to everyone.

2. Get your secretary back on sifting through phone calls and the visitor.Time wasters

3. Keep all your appointments or reschedule them.

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