How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Followers 4 Times On a Week (Ultimate Guide)

How To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 4X On a Week [The Ultimate Guide]

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How I Skyrocket My Pinterest Followers 4 Times On a Week (Ultimate Guide)

if you came here to learn how to grow Pinterest Followers, you’re in the right place.

How am I qualified to talk about Pinterest?

pinterest followers How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Followers 4 Times On a Week (Ultimate Guide)

Well, I’m currently driving over two hundred thousand monthly page views just from Pinterest traffic to my blog.

And I will show you the exact steps you need to take to grow your Pinterest following. But that’s not it.

I will also show you what you shouldn’t do on Pinterest because the way you’re growing your following on Pinterest will strongly affect the amount of Pinterest traffic to your website.

Pinterest is a visual platform.

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How do we get more Pinterest Followers? How to Get Followers on Pinterest? How to increase my Pinterest followers?

The first recommendation I would give you is to have a Pinterest follow button whenever you can on your website.

Luckily, Pinterest has a wonderful widget that allows you to include a follow button as many times as you need.

Let me just give you a few ideas here. So as you can see, you can have a full button in your sidebar along with other social media buttons.

You can use it in your sidebar as a standalone Pinterest follow button, or maybe you can use Pinterest profile widget.

How Could I Get Pinterest Sidebar Follow Bottom?

  • You can just Google “Pinterest widget builder“.
  • You need to select a profile.
  • And then you will choose which size of the widget you want to have on your side.
  • After a few more settings, you’ll be able to copy the code inserted to your side following the instructions on this page given by Pinterest.
How To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 4X On a Week [The Ultimate Guide] pinterest followers Aliens Tips

All right. You can also have this Pinterest follow button on your website Footer, or maybe in the header of your website.

You can also have links to all your social media profiles, including Pinterest.

Under every email that you’re sending to your subscribers.

you could use a page plugin like Military, which creates a sticky banner with a link to your Pinterest profile.

You just create an image for the button in any simple tool, even like in Canva, you don’t even need to learn Photoshop for this.

And then you upload this image to your website as a name, as a normal image, and then insert it in the place where you need to have it.

In this case, it’s in the sidebar. Also, don’t miss a chance to give a link to your Pinterest profile in other social media profiles you have.

The second option to grow your Pinterest Followers is to

Promote Particular Pinterest Boards.

if your blog covers various topics, some of your potential Pinterest followers would prefer to follow a particular board instead of your entire account.

For example, on my blog, I have a ton of mixed content that is interesting for beginner bloggers.

but I also have a lot of content on healthy eating and entertainment, and weight loss.

Don’t delete boards, hide your boards instead. Or you will lose Pinterest Followers following your boards.

As you can imagine, people that are interested in blogging tips would prefer to follow my Pinterest marketing board or blogging board and they wouldn’t want to follow my healthy board.

Right. So in this case, you again need to use Pinterest official widgets, but you will choose board instead of profile.

The previous time we selected a profile so users could follow your entire profile.

In this case, you select boards and then you define the specific board URL, and then you just select the design of the widget that you would like to have on your site.

The next big tip on growing Pinterest Followers is

Being Present on Pinterest Daily.

One of the things I highly recommend in my Pinterest SEO traffic secrets course is about many openings.

When I say pinning, I actually mean to be physically active on the platform.

You can either use a desktop or a computer or your Pinterest app.

And I have no any proof other than testing on multiple accounts and seeing a pattern,

Automate pinning at the best time.

if you do all your pinning through automation with schedulers and you don’t show up on Pinterest for many months, then eventually your traffic will tank.

So what you can do on Pinterest, other than being manual.

you can be scrolling down the smart feed and saving content from other websites manually to your relevant boards.

You can be saving pins from your website or from other blogs again manually. The next one is checking your activity tab.

These are the original beings created from your website by other Pinterest users, so when you check the activity tab.

I recommend you to find the pins that are saved to relevant boards.

And then if you like the pin, how it’s saved and the description also try to pin those pins to your own boards.

Another thing you could do is following Pinterest recommendations, the platform will send you notifications with recommended pins or recommended boards.

So you just check them out and save or follow some boards.

How I Skyrocket My Pinterest Followers 4 Times (Ultimate Guide).

If you find them relevant to what your account is about, it will be rad if you have some new notifications.

By the way, you will also see the notifications about people who saved your own pins.

so you can definitely engage with those pins by repealing them, liking, or even commenting on them, because these are your own pins.

How To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 4X On a Week [The Ultimate Guide] pinterest followers Aliens Tips

And any engagement that you can create on it, on them is helping your account overall in other types of activities, commenting on your own popular pins.

So one of the things that content creators often perceive as being spammy is commenting on their own pins.

And what’s interesting, Pinterest doesn’t mind if you, like a PIN creator, initiate the engagement on your pin by living the very first comment.

And this can actually spark the conversation.

The users are engaging on the platform. Pinterest actually likes it. Just make sure that your comments do not look spammy, for example, links to your blog posts or to your website.

This probably looks bad and actually doesn’t make much sense because anyway, the pin under which you are commenting is if it is, your pin is already linked to your side.

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The next step is joining on topic Roubaud.

Joining boards helps you reach an audience that’s not yet following your account so you can find relevant groups in a tool called

It’s free. And I wanted to make a note here that as of 2021.

it is not recommended to join large group boards, those group boards.

which allows people from any niche to pin them.

because those boards are not helping Pinterest understand what Europeans are about and they are giving confusing keyword context to your own pins.

So now I recommend you to use this tool is by searching for the keywords that you cover a lot on your website and by searching for group boards.

This way you will find the most relevant group boards to your topics. And if you been to the boards that are relevant, you are fine.

What I would not recommend you to do is join some group boards which allow beans from any niche.

That’s a bad idea because Pinterest does not recommend owning or joining these large group boards with thousands of contributors.

because they are considered spamming and they don’t have any particular topic.

The next idea for Pinterest Followers is

Creating Your Own Group Boards to Boost Your Pinterest followers.

This is one of the ways that some Pinterest accounts are getting extra followers.

They create their own group boards. Then they sat in the group board rules that if anyone wants to join, they have to first follow the profile owner.

And of course, there are no guarantees that people who followed you to join the group board will not unfollow you a month later or even sooner.

Of course, you will never know if they can because like other platforms, Pinterest only notifies you when someone follows you but doesn’t send you any notifications about unfollowed.

To me personally, this is not a very effective strategy. It didn’t work for me because managing your own group boards takes a lot of time.

I tried with two of my boards and eventually I had to close one of them because people wouldn’t just follow the rules.

They would just spam on my boards with their affiliate links and their own products.

It was too much trouble, in my opinion, for such a small win of a few new followers who are not even guaranteed because they didn’t follow you.

Generally, they just did it to join your group board. If you ask me how I personally prefer to grow my Pinterest followers, my answer is with the new content.

How I Skyrocket My Pinterest Followers 4 Times (Ultimate Guide)

This is one of the ways I find particularly effective in growing followers.

And this might be surprising to you because it doesn’t involve any Pinterest followers. Hack on or trick.

And the more content you can produce for Pinterest, the more this platform will like your account and show it to new audiences.

Volume game, Pin more!!

How To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 4X On a Week [The Ultimate Guide] pinterest followers Aliens Tips

The good news is that for Pinterest, a new pin for even an old post on your website is actually considered a fresh type of content.

This means that you don’t even have to create new posts every day to feed Pinterest with fresh content.

So what I personally do when my account slows down in terms of Pinterest Followers growth or traffic growth,

I create two or three new Pins for a post that used to be popular, used to drive a lot of traffic.

And on Pinterest, to be honest, it’s usually the volume game. You have to shoot a hundred times to hit your target with ten bullets.

If you only shoot 10 times, you will hit your target just once.

you probably will start complaining that your competitors are more successful.

but if they are successful, that’s only because they tried more times.

And I can almost guarantee that they don’t have any other interests.

Heck, except for sending a ton of new content to the platform.

the next recommendation would be

Taking Advantage of Pinterest Trends to Skyrocket Your Pinterest followers.

And so Pinterest content is very often seasonal and related to holidays.

If you can make a connection in any way between your content and holidays like:

  • Christmas.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Hanukah.
  • Valentine’s Day, etc.

make sure that you have those boards with these keywords on your account.

If you’re not yet planning your content a couple of months in advance for Pinterest, you might be missing out on at least 50 percent of all traffic potential to your website.

So following trends on Pinterest is so important that I spend a week at the beginning of this year working on my own Pinterest Trends marketing plan.

I’ll give you a link to the Pinterest marketing plan. where you can download this Pinterest Trends marketing plan. I hope it helps you.

The next recommendation is:

Leveraging Pinterest SEO and Hashtags to Skyrocket Your Pinterest followers.

How To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 4X On a Week [The Ultimate Guide] pinterest followers Aliens Tips

If you do everything right in terms of your interest.

will start showing your pins to users that looked for similar keywords or saved pins to similar boards with the same keywords.

So your success on Pinterest depends quite heavily on how your followers engage with your new content.

So you can see what Pinterest representative her name is, Sarah has to say about the importance of followers.

and especially about their quality rather than quantity.

the next thing you could try is:

Using Promoted Pins.

Of course, if you have a budget for this, this might work well for Pinterest marketers.

who promote brands or who want to sell products on this platform.

If you have a budget, you can start advertising your content on Pinterest as low as ten cents per click.

But honestly, I can tell you that a good Pinterest SEO strategy for organic free traffic can bring you a lot more visitors to your site.

and can help you grow your followers better than using paid clicks from Pinterest.

The next thing you should definitely do is help users share your content on Pinterest from your website.

So not all the users who land on your site and like your content will instantly think of saving your opinions to Pinterest boards.

Social share buttons, social warfare plugin, asked to share post to board.

I always remind my readers they can save images from my site. I have a social sharing button.

At the end of each post, I use the social warfare plugin to add a Hoover pin button to each of my images.

I also ask my users inside my articles to save, and I usually do it by the end of the post, right next to my main pin, the pin that I designed for Pinterest, and I asked them to save the pin.

And I even give them an idea of how the board to which they could save should be named in this case.

I said the Save the pin to Pinterest marketing board.

And I also have all the pins and descriptions already inserted into the sea.

So when users are saving this image, the PIN description that’s been optimized for my targeted keywords is pre-populated by Pinterest.

Maxton you should do is make sure that your PIN design stands out. So Pinterest is a visual search engine, right?

How To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 4X On a Week [The Ultimate Guide] pinterest followers Aliens Tips

when the users scroll down the feed, you have to grab their attention with your image.

Your image graphics must have high resolution. You should use a good color scheme and a captivating text overlay.

It is hard to underestimate how important European design is for the overall success of Pinterest.

So if your PIN design sucks, users will not save them to their boards. Who wants ugly pins on their boards?

Especially if these are public boards, right?

I don’t. One more thing you should always do on Pinterest is

A/B testing Europeans.

Sometimes I get this question from my Pinterest Followers or my readers.

and it makes me smile, they ask me, can I create more than one pin for the same post?

Isn’t it considered duplicate content?

I smile because Pinterest actually recommends creating at least five pins for each post. So my best guess is that they want to grow their numbers.

The numbers of fresh Pins, as they call them, buy fresh Pins.

They mean different images and they understand that it’s easier for US blogger’s websites on ours to create five new beans for the same blog post or for the same Web page.

then to create a new Web page every time for every bean.

Right. So Pinterest will be happy if you create multiple pins for both, and this gives you a chance to maybe test European design, your tax dollars.

the keywords inside your pin or inside your PIN description, just make sure you do not get too spammed by saving multiple pins linked to the same Web page in a single day.

What I recommend is to create beans in bulk.

because it makes your process easier and you can even do it in Canada, too, and then space them out by intervals inside when scheduling tool.

Pin at the right time.

Or if you want to do it manually, you can do this as well by giving fresh beans to Pinterest once a day, let’s say.

So you save all the beans inside your can. Broca can work out if you want to do it manually.

And then from there you just have to remember once a day saves a new bean or once a week if you want to spread out your content with a little wider intervals.

B Testing Europeans help you understand which bean style works the best for your audience, and then you can replicate this success over and over again.

And this way you also grow your followers. If you ask me how many followers do you need to succeed on Pinterest,

I honestly cannot tell you that the more followers you have, the better for your account. Not always.

Quality Pinterest Followers are more important than higher Pinterest Followers.

The quality of your Pinterest Followers is way important On Pinterest.

I mentioned before that if your followers don’t show Pinterest good early engagement on your new pins, those pins will not appeal to larger audiences.

And so they will not go viral. They will not bring much traffic and also will not help you increase your Pinterest Followers numbers.

By the way, now that Pinterest shows the monthly reach for any account, you can go through several accounts in your niche.

How To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 4X On a Week [The Ultimate Guide] pinterest followers Aliens Tips

look for your competitors and see what is their monthly reach compared to their following base.

So I know that some old accounts with enormous Pinterest Followers number.

we’re talking about over half a million Pinterest Followers or more.

Sometimes they have a hard time on Pinterest.

In the last few years since Pinterest has this early engagement thing.

and it works with SEO a lot more and it works with the relevance of the beans.

And all of these factors are often more important than the number of followers they have.

Pinterest Followers

So be careful with your wishes when you work on growing your Pinterest Followers.

Early Active Engagement pins spread faster than higher Pinterest Followers.

Just keep in mind that you want only active users that are genuinely interested in your content, because, even with just five hundred fans, you can get higher reach and engagement.

Then an account with fifty thousand five hundred thousand Pinterest Followers that work in the same niche as you.

I just wanted to clarify here. I’m not advocating for a stop for you to stop working on your Pinterest Followers growth on Pinterest.

Not at all, because a highly engaged following can skyrocket your Pinterest traffic.

To implement everything you learned in this article and you will see the results. And I wanted to mention also some additional benefits of having a large following on Pinterest.

First, you establish your authority and expertise in your topic.

Unleash you can also show this impressive following numbers, which helps you to page sponsors and brands. You can also cross-promote to your followers on different platforms.

You can ask your fans from one platform to follow you on a new one and that it’s very good that high-quality followers, they’re also your friends and they share your interests and values.

So you can always ask them for support when you need them, or you can even ask them for help to validate your new ideas, your new content.


How I Boost My Pinterest Followers 4 Times (Ultimate Guide) – Aliens Tips How to Get Followers on Pinterest!!

2. Volume game, Pin more!!
3. Seasonal Trends Hack.
4. Leverage Pinterest SEO hacks + hashtag.
5. Keywords in profile.
6. Learn what Pinterest Followers like, check which pins get the most traffics, and saves.
7. Pin at the right time.
8. Automate pinning at the best time.
9. Don’t delete boards, hide your boards instead. Or you will lose Pinterest Followers following your boards.
10. Better to have more engaged Pinterest Followers than more followers.
11. Use promoted pins(ads).
12. Social share buttons, social warfare plugin, asked to share post to boards.
13. Pin design that stands out.
14. A/B testing 3 to 5 fresh pins per blog post than creating a new blog post.
15. Quality Pinterest Followers are more important than higher Pinterest Followers.
16. Early Active Engagement pins spread faster than higher Pinterest Followers.

17. Higher Pinterest Followers benefits:

  • Establish Authority,
  • Pitch to Sponsors and Brands,
  • Cross-promotion between platforms
  • Support and Validation of your Ideas.

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about getting more Pinterest Followers,

I want to invite you to follow my Aliens tips Blog I will be posting a lot more valuable content about Pinterest platform.

You can find me on Pinterest and Instagram. Let me know if you have any questions or if you need any help with Pinterest.

If you have any experiences with growing Pinterest Followers, let me know in the comments below.

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