The Snow white Story and the beautiful princess Aliens Tips Blog

The Snow white Story and the beautiful princess Aliens Tips Blog


The Snow white Story and the beautiful princess Aliens Tips Blog The Snow white Story Aliens Tips

The Snow white Story and the beautiful princess For a long time, there was a beautiful kingdom full of prosperity and safety, ruled by a beautiful princess with good grace and magnanimity who always seek to spread justice among her people. But on the other side, there was the Snow Queen, an evil queen who filled her heart with greed and hate as she worked hard to occupy the Kingdom of the Beautiful Princess, One day she was able to freeze all over the kingdom to become a place where only the white snow was seen, the whole kingdom was horrified, but the beautiful princess had another opinion.

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Beautiful Princess Decision:

The beautiful princess could by some way to escape from the royal palace before the arrival of the Snow Queen to her, and immediately went to a wise man in the occupied kingdom to ask him advice and guidance, and indeed he guides her to go to a dangerous witch can help her, and without thinking the beautiful Princess went to that witch and offered a lot of treasures in return to make her a mantra that enables her to eliminate the evil Snow Queen who destroyed the kingdom of her throne and caused the displacement of her people.

The spell:

The witch pointed to the princess that she could overcome the Snow Queen only by becoming a fire Queen and that this method is a very dangerous way and filled with risks and difficulties; starts with, going to the people who kill everyone passing by them without pity or mercy,  ends with a huge dragon uttering a fiery breath, devouring with its flaming flames everyone stands in his way or tries to mess with him, The beautiful Princess agreed, she had no other way, and she wanted to save her people from the evil Snow Queen.

Help the Witch to the Beautiful Princess:

but the witch did not let the beautiful princess face the difficulties alone, she gave her all the spills needed to help her to cross the road filled with the dangers until she reaches the fire dragon, who will use the spill on and will turn right away into the fire Queen enjoying superpower beyond imagination

The joy of victory: The Snow-white Story

Indeed, the beautiful Princess was able to return to her stolen kingdom with her court plan and for sure thanks to the spell given by the witch to the Fire Queen.The fire Queen returned to her stolen kingdom to provoke a fierce war between her and the evil Snow Queen. The war broke out between them, after the fire Queen, removed all her people for scared for them of course, after all, the good always defeats the falsehood. For the mercy of the way and the end always wins the right to evil where the fire Queen was able to defeat the evil  Snow Queen by killing her, and melting the snow from all over the kingdom to spread the security and prosperity again, and living happily and blissful

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