The Little Puppy and The Wolf amazing bedtime story The Little Puppy and The Wolf Aliens Tips

The Little Puppy and The Wolf amazing bedtime story

What a beautiful story The Little Puppy and The Wolf that we tell our children before bed, that story remains in their minds thinking all night, and while sleeping, and inspired a useful idea and important in their lives and teaching them valuable lessons in life, I present you on the site of fantastic kids stories, beautiful Kids story I Call it, “The Little Puppy and the Wicked Wolf” an instructional story
intended for children before bedtime.

The Little Puppy and The Wolf Aliens Tips Blog
The Little Puppy and The Wolf amazing bedtime story

The Little Puppy and The Wolf bedtime story. Aliens Tips Blog

Once upon a time, in that faraway jungle, which is crowded with many types of animals with different shapes, size, and colors, there were a lot of animals lives in that jungle lives in happiness and joy and there were 3 dogs lives in the same house, united love each other they were afraid of each other after the parents leave.
those dogs were living in happiness and joy, they love to play in the yard, one day, the little puppy gets outside the house alone far away from the house, Although his older brother has warned him not to stay away from the house, as not to be eaten by the wolf.
The Little Puppy and The Wolf Aliens Tips Blog
But the little puppy did not listen to the words which he warned for, and he went alone in the great jungle and the wolf kept watching him running and play with the birds, and he went behind him and said, “Wait, little puppy, wait. I want to tell you something important”. the little puppy Stopped, saying cautiously:” What do you want”, The wolf said”wait please and tell me where to you go”, the little puppy said: “I go to the jungle to play with small birds”.
The wolf said to him “wait and I will come and play with you and we will enjoy our time together, the little puppy said: “I do not want to play with you, you are so evil, perhaps you eat me” Wolf said to him laughing: “No no I will not trust me, why I eat you, I just want to play with you, Believe me, And the poor little Puppy stared at him and said, “Do you promise me that you will not eat me, wolf?” “The wolf said, ‘Let’s go, let’s play.’


The Little Puppy and The Wolf Aliens Tips Blog

The little Puppy agreed to play with the evil wolf and did not listen to his brother’s advice not to play with the wolf because he was a villain, who ate the small dogs and feared the big ones, but he exploited the young to take revenge on the adults who threatened his life but did not listen to anyone.
The wolf kept telling the little Puppy shrewdly: “Do you want to see something strange, dog? I want to show you the abandoned well in the jungle, this well full of bones. “Are u saying the truth Wolf, Is there a lot of bones there?” Puppy said. the wolf said with his head shaking “Yes sure there are plenty of bones, just come with me and you will see it yourself, the little dog believed him and went to the well abandoned with him to take the bones.
They entered the dark Jungle and an owl was standing on the tree watching them, Luckily, she was the dogs’ friend, and she was a good one. she saw the little Puppy and felt that he was in trouble. Then she runs quickly to his two big brothers and said, “Save your brother, he is with the wicked wolf next to the abandoned well”.

The Little Puppy and The Wolf

The big dogs started to run quickly to the well, and as known the wolves fear the dogs, as soon as the wolf saw the dogs coming he runs so fastly and terrified, but unfortunately, he hurts and hits the poor little puppy’s legs and feet. the dog stopped, saying angrily “what have you done you little naughty dog I told you not to go with the wolf”.

The little dog cried so hard and apologized, saying, “I apologize, my brother. I have not listened to your warning and went with the evil wolf, and I have believed that he is not evil,”

His big brother replied “Why do I lie to you? Why my brother, lies to you!? I care about and your interest. Why did not you listen to me from the beginning? as not to get hurt, I am your big brother, I love you and I know your interests well, all what you had to do to listen to the advice u get from the older one because they have more experience than you”.

The Little Puppy and The Wolf Aliens Tips Blog
The Little Puppy and The Wolf Aliens Tips Blog



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