The Malicious Fox and the deceitful lion Aliens Tips Blog

The Malicious Fox and the deceitful lion Aliens Tips Blog

The Malicious Fox and the deceitful lion, All the children really like to listen to beautiful stories before they sleep, it will be so disappointing if u couldn’t have a beautiful one, so we present to you today real stories of small children before sleep The Malicious Fox and lion deceitful, hoping to impress our young children.


Stories of small children to sleep


The Malicious Fox and the deceitful lion Aliens Tips Blog


The Malicious Fox and the deceitful lion


The deceitful lion is the king of the jungle and has a strong voice that frightens everyone, but the animals of the forest started to hate him and they want to get rid of him. So they decided to work on his imprisonment. They waited for the lion to sleep and they prepared a cage and locked him in this cage during his sleep.


The lion kept locked the cage until passed by a bunny, so the lion called him,”what you want, “the bunny asked the lion ask him With a deceptive look fills his eyes


“Please help me and get me out of the cage”, the bunny refused and says “no, you used to eat the weak animals and tormenting” the lion said “I promise you, I won’t eat animals if you get me out of my charity” so The naive bunny believed him right away and release him out of the cage, But Unfortunately, the deceitful lion didn’t keep his promise and as soon as he came out of the cage he grabbed the poor bunny and says that he would prey how much he wants and that bunny will be the first of these victims.


The Malicious Fox and the deceitful lion Aliens Tips Blog

The Malicious Fox was listening to the whole story from the beginning and decided to save the bunny and started to talk to the lion is using the Malicious as known and says to him I have heard that you been locked in this cage but I cannot believe, Is that true? the lion told him yes I was locked in this cage but The Malicious Fox  said, “no I can’t even believe that it cannot be traped here you are so large. How could you been locked in this little cage?” And here the lion fell into the trap of the Malicious fox, telling him what if could I prove to you the honesty that I was already locked in this cage before.


The deceitful lion entered the cage again and settled there until the fox believes that this cage was the lion locked in. Once the lion entered the cage, the fox quickly closed the cage and re-locked him again. Then He went to the bunny and said: “I hope that you have learned from what happened here, so don’t release him again, and never believe him because as I saw now, that he got released and did not keep his promises”.


Cat Al – Hiran


There was a cat but he was dissatisfied with his condition and wished to be something else, so he tried a lot to be a bird and failed to be able to fly, and then tried to live like ducks and failed and tried many lives but failed, and finally was the last experience to try life Fruit, and covered himself with the peel of fruit and slept between the fruits, but suddenly felt the movement around that woked him up and surprised with the number of animals seeking to eat fruit, including the dog, he runs away quickly and was enjoying a great speed that he discovered and that he has the advantage of being a cat and no one can be his speed, which pleased him to be a cat


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