6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites | Get Paid to Watch Ads.

6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites | Get Paid to Watch Ads.

What are PTC sites?

6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites | Get Paid to Watch Ads.

· Top 6 PTC Sites A lot of advertisements available daily.

What PTC Websites Means?

  • PTC means “paid to Click”.
  • No investment or professionalism required – No age restrictions at all.
  • PTC websites are advertising companies that pay cash for viewing advertise­ments online.
  • It’s undoubtedly the best, easiest, and the most comfortable way to earn money online without investment from home – a successful business model that’s so popular worldwide.
  • Simply signup clicks ads every day and get paid – that’s it.
  • In these sites, advertisers pay for publicity of their ads while members get credited for watching them.

Top 6 PTC Sites

These 5 Sites in We have done complete research & have received a lot of payment from these 10 PTC sites. So you can join them from the members of these top 5 PTC websites. Although we have found some more trusted sites we thought of including only these Top 6 PTC Sites.
Top 6 PTC Sites Aliens Tips Blog

Top 6 PTC Sites Aliens Tips Blog

1. ClixSense

Top 6 PTC Sites Top 6 PTC Sites 6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites | Get Paid to Watch Ads.

ClixSense is one of the most trusted Top 6 PTC Sites on the internet. There are a lot of ways you can earn money from ClixSense.

Just all that you need is to work seriously on ClixSense alone then you can earn $200+ from this one website.

How to earn more money from ClixSense?

  • Earn by viewing completing surveys daily.
  • Earn more through various tasks and offers.
  • Multiply your earnings through the affiliate program.
  • Win Daily Prizes Up To $10.00
  • Fast Payment through Payoneer or Skrill.

what are the Pros of ClixSense?

  • ClixSense is Free to join
  • ClixSense Agreeable site
  • Multiple Methods To Earn Money form ClixSense
  • Earn Up to $26 per day with ClixSense

what are the Cons of ClixSense?

  • No instant payments.
  • High Payment Threshold.


Top 6 PTC Sites 6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites | Get Paid to Watch Ads.

NeoBux is your 2nd chance to earn a high amount of money. If you are active and use all the earning ways it offers, then you can earn a lot of money just from NeoBux.

After intensive researches, we found that this PTC site which pays its members a higher amount than any other PTC site, as well as that NeoBux, is the PTC site with the best rank in Alexa for several years now.

How to earn more money from Neobux?

  • Win daily prizes up to $90.00
  • A lot of advertisements available daily.
  • You can earn from your rented and direct referrals.
  • Multiple upgrades offering a higher earning potential.
  • Earn more money than other PTC / GPT sites by completing Tasks, Coin offers, and Pollfish surveys. It pays more for the same effort.
  • The only PTC giving you a chance to pay nothing for an upgrade. You can win it as a prize and/or earn Points and exchange them for the upgrade.
  • Get fast payment through Neteller or Skrill.

I did a lot of research on this strategy applied to my account and within just 20 days I earned $160.

What are the Pros of NeoBux?

  • NeoBux is Well Managed.
  • Instant payments.
  • NeoBux gives you Free Worldwide Service
  • Wide Range of Earning Features in NeoBux
  • NeoBux Affiliate System is great in(Increasing DR limits)

What are the Cons of NeoBux?

  • Complaints about NeoBux Rented Referral System.
  • NeoBux has Strict Forum Rules.

3. Offer Nation


Top 6 PTC Sites 6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites | Get Paid to Watch Ads.

Top 6 PTC Sites Aliens Tips Blog

How to earn more money from OfferNation?

  • OfferNation is another GPT site where members are paid points for taking surveys, offers, watching videos, and clicking ads.
  • Ads, offers, and surveys vary and you just need to check from time to time for more available income opportunities.
  • Points can be exchanged with gift cards or converted into cash prizes.
  • Min cash-out is $1 and payments are sent daily via PayPal, Skrill, and bitcoin.
  • You can multiply your income by getting direct referrals and make commissions out of their activities in OfferNation.
  • We recommend trying out their Paid to Click program as this is one of the easiest ways to earn with OfferNation.

What are the Pros of NeoBux?

  • Earn cash easy OfferNation
  • OfferNation is Trusted & Mega-Popular
  • Multiple Methods To Earn Money with OfferNation
  • OfferNation has Large Community
  • Easy Navigate OfferNation.

4. PrizeRebel

You can earn money by taking surveys, completing offers from different companies & even by playing online games. There is another way of earning money by winning Raffles, Contests & Lucky Numbers.

How to earn more money from PrizeRebel?

If you want more cash, then you can refer PrizeRebel to your friends & relatives through Facebook & other ways and earn 20% lifelong earning.

You earn in coins & you get $1 for every 100 coins. You can get your earnings through PayPal, BitCoin, or gift cards.

5. Paidverts

Top 6 PTC Sites 6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites | Get Paid to Watch Ads.

Top 6 PTC Sites Aliens Tips Blog

Paidverts is not as old as NeoBux & ClixSense but it is rapidly gaining & the trust of one of the TOP 6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites Pay you to Watch Ads.

How to earn more money from Paidverts?

People are earning a great income by working on Paidverts. Paidverts It is different a little bit from other Top 6 PTC Sites.

When you join Paidverts, you need to click 16 Bonus Ads Points (BAP) or Activation daily till you click a total of 100 BAP Ads. You will start receiving the paid ads only after you click 100 BAP ads.

The value of paid ads depends on how much BAP you accumulate. So get as much BAP as you can.

6. Get-Paid


Top 6 PTC Sites 6 [HIGH-PAYING] Trusted PTC Sites | Get Paid to Watch Ads.

How to earn more money from Get Paid?

  • Get-Paid is (get paid to the) program that accepts registration worldwide and lets users earn by taking tasks.
  • completing offers, participating in surveys, playing games, viewing videos, doing pay per click ads, referring others, and becoming participants in contests.
  • Payment is processed is twice a week via PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, and WebMoney.
  • At Get-Paid, the easiest offer for newbies is the Pay Per Click program.
  • After clicking an ad link, allow the page to load fully and leave it open for at least a min.
  • Don’t close the ad immediately or you’ll lose your account.


Hacks to earn more in Top 6 PTC Sites:

  1. Make it a habit to view all the ads daily at a fixed time.
  2. Go for a premium membership if you can.
  3. Refer as many people as you can through email, Facebook & other ways.

From all these sites, you can receive your earnings through PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, Check & Other.

The account is free on all these sites. You can withdraw your earnings from these digital payments to your local bank account.

I am sure if you work seriously on these sites, you can earn a better extra income. If you want to know more ways of earnings & tips to earn more income, then subscribe.

Top 6 PTC Sites Aliens Tips Blog

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