How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills, Incredible isn't it!! Fiverr Aliens Tips

How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills, Incredible isn’t it!!

How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills Aliens Tips Blog

Why do I suggest Fiverr especially?

This site is considered the most popular service provider on the internet, starting from the price of $ 5 up to $ 200. we are going to show you How to make $500 on Fiverr.

What distinguishes it from others?

The credibility and guarantee the right of both the seller and the buyer at the same time and the huge number of visitors daily provided on the site.
It is ranked 375th site in the world and 236 in America with estimated visitors of more than 33 million per month!
So my friend If you are really interested in real profit and earning money online by doing simple tasks and continuously profit Fiverr is what you are looking for.

What are the sites of gigs and How to make $500 on Fiverr from them?

These sites play the role of mediation between the buyer and the seller, which grantee the deal accomplish between them in return taking a 20% as a commission from the deal accomplished, which means that whenever you get a new service for $ 5 and you do it as asked you will get $ 4 and the site will take his $ 1 commission.
How could I sign up for a Fiverr and start earning money? How to make $500 on Fiverr?

1.   Join Fiverr here and keep ready to the end I promise you will get a free  super easy free tip to start with, zero capital Aliens Tips Blog

How to Make $500 on Fiverr with no skills Aliens tips blog

2.    You can register via email or easily through your Google Plus or Facebook account.

How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills, Incredible isn't it!! Fiverr Aliens Tips

3.    Once you register, I advise you to create a good profile. It will help you to be preferred to the buyer “believe me, it works”, ie try to put a profile picture and some description of your services. And links to you on social networking sites will help you very well.

What are the Gigs services?

 As I explained you can provide many services and I will provide the easiest services with the largest sales now.
  How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills, Incredible isn't it!! Fiverr Aliens Tips
  • Write articles according to the language, you know well and good at.
  • Voice over.
  • logo design.
  • Review your product by filming it with a short video.
  • E-book cover design.
  • Convert images to cartoon characters.
  • Services of CEO and Backlink
  • Create logos, banners, and image design services
  • Sell pictures of beautiful scenery or a famous place in your city.
  • Sell professional templates such as Blogger and Word Press
  • Translate Videos.
  • Create android applications
  • Translation services


These are more than you need to actually I see that you started to realize that you get more than this, just choose what you can do and start what you are waiting for.
How to make $500 on Fiverr? Join Fiverr here

How to create the first Gig in Fiverr and How to make the $500 on Fiverr?

Click on add a service and then write an attractive address to your Gig, you should be smart and bring the buyers to your Gig, for example, if you want to sell the service of  Facebook traffic you can say “If you seek for real Facebook traffic then you are in the right place I offer you 1000 fans for $ 5”.

How to make $500 on Fiverr?

How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills, Incredible isn't it!! Fiverr Aliens Tips

How to make $500 on Fiverr? Aliens Tips Blog

Of course, you will write the title more attractive than me and You provide 2000 real interactive fans with the same amount you need to be honest and make offers to the buyers to attract them to hire you again.
And you advertise the price of the service you provide and also the picture it is important to be attractive to bring the buyer and, if you are from the one who prefers to make a video, then,  this will be much better, it will increase your percentage of sales.

How could I know my profits and when could I withdraw?

You can access your profits at Fiverr by clicking Earnings, the picture will explain the profits and how to withdraw them
Of course, as the picture explains, withdrawal profits will be through the Payoneer Bank, and the minimum amount to withdraw from this bank is $ 10.
You can also withdraw your profits through PayPal and the current limit for withdrawing at PayPal bank is $ 4.
Fiverr  levels and how to level up yourself easily
Fiverr has four levels of sales.
According to their services, the valuations they receive, the profits they have collected, the percentage of communication with buyers, many other factors:
  • Once you open an account at Fiverr you will be New Seller
  • When you win the first $ 400 without any negative rating become  level 1
  • When you earn $ 2000 you become Level 2.
  • The highest level in Fiverr is the Top Seller which you reach when you sell for $ 20,000.


How to promote your services and get your first service sold? the first step on How to make the $500 on Fiverr?

A lot of people believe that once the first gig has been created, everything has been waiting for days but weeks without getting sold! This is normal because your account is still new there is no need to be worried about that.
It is difficult for the buyer to trust your services, All that you need to do is to promote it initially, especially in the Facebook groups, in a smart way by offering it as part of helping people.
Important at the beginning until you just get your first buyer and rates you.
Let’s say you sell a buyer’s help service to search engines, and what you do is find people, complain about visitors and profits, and offer your services at the FIVERR site as a solution.
Try anyway to attract the first customer until you get a positive evaluation because the first service is the real way to succeed and investigate thousands of dollars from Fiverr.
How to make $500 on Fiverr?

An example of an easy service can be easily provided

As I promise before How to make $500 on Fiverr!!
As we mentioned in How to make $500 on Fiverr article of the multiple services that can be sold, I want to refer to the easy service for beginners, who don’t have any capital.
it is a free trip as a prize for your patient to reach the article How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills end.
this service is “offer to delete backgrounds from the picture as it is easy to service requires only a few minutes to win the first $ 5 my friend”.
You can, of course, rely on the Photoshop program if you want to do it professionally or use the application PicsArt Photo Studio for smartphone users.
You can also create an account at clippingmagic, which provides the service of deleting backgrounds from images in seconds in an easy and professional way.
This article How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills, my friend, was a comprehensive guide that will help you in achieving your financial freedom through the Fiverr website.
which is great for anyone who wants to work online and to know How to make $500 on Fiverr with no skills Aliens tips blog


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