Christmas gift ideas 2022.. Suitable gifts for women and men DIY Christmas DECORATIONS

Christmas Gift ideas 2022 | DIY Christmas DECORATIONS.

Make Christmas decorations at home in simple steps.

A few days separate us from the celebration of Christmas, so that the ladies begin to decorate their homes and add several touches to help them celebrate indoors in order to avoid the Corona virus.

Christmas gift ideas 2022.. Suitable gifts for women and men DIY Christmas DECORATIONS

How to make a Christmas tree?

Christmas Gift ideas 2022 | DIY Christmas DECORATIONS. Christmas gift ideas Aliens Tips
Christmas gift ideas 2022.. Suitable gifts for women and men

In Christmas 2022, snow-covered trees are a fashion this year by decorating them with metal objects, and the Christmas tree can be made at home through simple steps. From both ends in a triangle shape, bend the cut ends to show the shape of the tree, and add stickers in the form of stars to decorate the tree.

Golden cups 

You can decorate the cups by painting them in gold color to add an aesthetic touch in the atmosphere of Christmas. 


You can use the decor of evergreen wreaths, miniature Christmas trees and ordinary with lights, you can put the evergreen decorations in rocky buckets that will give you a warm natural feeling. 

Empty boxes 

You can take advantage of empty cans and boxes by wrapping them in decorative papers, decorating them with a “red bow” and placing them next to the Christmas tree.

What is Christmas?

Christmas is a Western term for the celebration of Christmas, and it is linked to the memory of the birth of Christ, and it comes after a 40-day fast, and its date is on December 25 in the West, while in Egypt it comes on January 7, according to what the Coptic Orthodox Church determines.

Christmas or New Year is associated with national customs and traditions in Western countries and is linked to national customs and traditions, perhaps the most prominent of which is the exchange of gifts and congratulations and helping the poor, but the Christmas tree remains the most prominent form of celebration, as it is usually of German origin.

Christmas gift ideas 2022.. Suitable gifts for women and men DIY Christmas DECORATIONS

The Secret of the Christmas Tree.

The Christmas tree represents one of the most widespread and main symbols of Christmas traditions, and is usually a coniferous or green cone tree such as spruce, pine, cypress, or an artificial tree of similar appearance.

And decorating the Christmas tree is traditionally done by hanging foods like chocolate, apples and nuts on it, and with the beginning of the eighteenth century it began to be lit by candles.

The difference between New Year and Christmas

The celebration of the New Year is often non-religious; The festivities begin on the night of December 31 at the end of the year, and each country celebrates in its own way with fireworks displays and dancing.

While the celebration of Christmas is on the day of the birth of Christ, corresponding to December 25 of each year, that is, 6 days before the New Year. Christians in all countries of the world celebrate the birth of Christ, except for the Orthodox, who celebrate it on January 7

Christmas gift ideas 2022.. Ladies gifts for men

Some ladies may face great difficulty when choosing Christmas gift ideas 2022 to present a gift to a man, as the gifts presented to them are difficult and confusing, unlike the various women’s gifts.

And if you are looking for ideas for Christmas gifts 2022, and with the approach of the winter season, it becomes necessary to have in the closet of whom you want to give a gift a wonderful winter hat that protects him “ice cap” to protect him from the freezing cold waves, and it will be practical for the man because he will keep it for more than one season winter.

Among the ideas of Christmas gifts 2022 from the lady to the man are classic sunglasses, which is a wonderful gift that is suitable in summer and winter, and the “mobile cover” is one of the important things for the man, so think of a “check pod” as one of the ideas for Christmas gifts 2022.

The “scarf” is one of the 2022 Christmas gift ideas. A Christmas gift is suitable for the very cold winter season, but try to choose a high-quality type that has a wonderful color that matches most of his outfits.

As for the beard care set for men who are interested in growing their beard, because it is a fashion, if a man cares about his beard, then the most suitable gift you can give him is the beard care set.

Christmas gift ideas 2022.. Suitable gifts for women and men

There are many Christmas gift ideas 2022 that make the celebration of Christmas more special and a beautiful memory, and they are suitable gifts for women and men, including:

Dried Christmas rose bouquet placed in a silver vase with Christmas flowers, snowflakes and Santa Claus deer to bring the Christmas spirit into the home.

As for the set of Christmas balls, it is part of the 2022 Christmas gift ideas. A set of 3 balls in rose gold color decorated with beads and glitter can be presented as Christmas decorations.

A makeup bag can also be provided for women. This bag can be placed in the handbag, which is practical for collecting makeup tools.

As part of the 2022 Christmas gift ideas, the woman can present a leather wallet for the man designed specifically for the person with the first letter of his name, or in the shape he likes.

Christmas gift ideas 2022.. symbolic gifts at simple prices

With the approach of Christmas 2022 and in light of the high prices this year, some are looking for ideas for Christmas gifts 2022, provided that they are distinguished by elegance, and their price does not exceed 50 pounds, which is available in the following gifts:

– Diaries.

Mug with Santa Claus on it.

Photo frame.

– Morning reading “fits a gift for students”.

– Colors for lovers of drawing.

A small piece of decor.

– Medal in the form of Santa Claus.

– New Year’s wall result decorated with roses.

– “Accessories” for girls.

Short stories for reading lovers.

– Puzzle game for children.

– candles.

– Basket containing flowers and balloons

Some types of chocolate.

Handmade crafts.

2022 christmas gift ideas for your girlfriends

Some ladies like to give a Christmas gift to their friends, so what are the best ideas for Christmas gifts 2022

You could offer her a bottle of her favorite perfume.

It is also appropriate as part of the 2022 Christmas gift ideas to give her a picture in a special frame that brings you both together.

You can also give her a small makeup bag that she can put in her handbag or travel bag.

As well as a set of body and skin care, which consists of shower gel, lotion, moisturizer, shampoo and body perfume.

The skin and nail care set that includes moisturizing creams and pedicure tools at home is one of the most prominent ideas for Christmas gifts 2022.

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