What is eth Zurich University Admission, Courses, Tuition Fees? Alienstip.com

What Is ETH ZURICH Rankings, Tuition, Acceptance Rate?

What Is ETH Zurich Rankings, Tuition, Acceptance Rate? – Alienstips.

ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

What is eth Zurich University Admission, Courses, Tuition Fees? Alienstip.com


What Is ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Rankings, Tuition, Acceptance Rate?

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and is abbreviated as ETH Zurich, a university of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering, established by the Swiss government in 1854, and the university reflects Swiss values For freedom, individual responsibility, and entrepreneurship, and in the year 2018.

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The university enrolled more than 21,000 students, including 9,500 students in undergraduate programs, 6,600 students in master’s programs, 4,200 students in doctoral programs, with more than 500 full-time professors.

21 Nobel Prize have been awarded to students and professors to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, including, Albert Einstein with the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 most famously, along with Nils Bohr, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1922.

both of whom deal with quantum physics. It is a founding member of IDEA and the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) and a member of the CESAER network.

Albert Einstein was a student at the institute and then became a teacher in it, and the university has won a number of international awards due to its advanced level in education and the nature of the programs it offers.

The university offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees under a number of conditions, and it takes 3 years to complete the bachelor’s programs, usually Starting in the fall, with a rate of 180 credit hours, and the maximum graduation from the university is 5 years.

The first year consists of 60 credit hours of general basic courses in the field of mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, and other specialization requirements, and in the second and third years, you will study the optional requirements and will work on a project Graduation or BA thesis.

As for the master’s programs, it prepares the student to obtain better job opportunities or to later obtain a doctoral degree, and master’s programs include a large number of specializations and contain from 90 to 120 credit hours that can be completed in 3 or 4 semesters or 6 to 8 semesters as a maximum.

Does ETH Zurich have an entrance exam?

ETH Zurich offers two entrance exams: the comprehensive and the reduced entrance exam.

Reduced entrance examination: If the candidate has a specialist background that corresponds to that of a Swiss Matura, the reduced entrance examination is sufficient in most cases.

The conditions for admission to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

How can I get admission to ETH Zurich?

The most important conditions for admission to the Swiss Federal Institute include:

  1. Have the Knowledge of Both English and German.
  2. Obtaining a Swiss Matura certificate to study for a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and for this purpose, the high school graduation certificate meets this purpose.
  3. Pass an entrance exam to test the knowledge and skills necessary to complete your major.
  4. To study for a master’s degree, you need an accredited Bachelor’s degree, either from Switzerland or abroad.

You will need other skills such as:

  • Have a clear educational motivation and goal.
  • You have interests in science and technology.
  • Prepare to study chemistry, mathematics, physics, and biology.
  • Willingness to accept new ideas.
  • work as one team.
  • Critical and creative thinking.
  • perseverance.

What is the swiss federal institute of technology’s acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate is 27%.

What is the swiss federal institute of technology’s tuition fees?

1,229 CHF, International tuition 1,229 CHF

What is The University of Zurich rank?

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world. It is currently ranked as the sixth-best university in the world. Rankings: 6 QS World University Ranking.

What are the departments of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology? What is The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology majors?

There are a number of major divisions in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and they are

  1. Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering: It includes architecture engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, and geomatical engineering.
  2. Department of Engineering Sciences: It includes bio-systems science and engineering, information technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, and computer science.
  3. Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: The department includes biology, chemistry, science, applied biology, mathematics, and physics majors.
  4. Department of Natural Sciences: The department includes Earth sciences, ecosystem sciences, health sciences, and technology.
  5. Department of Administration and Social Sciences: It includes administration and technology.

What Is ETH Zurich Rankings, Tuition, Acceptance Rate? - Alienstips.

Campus information

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology presented a wide and varied range of cultural events, including exhibitions to its in-house television productions.

  • Exhibits and guided tours
  • Cinema at ETH
  • Other cultural activities at ETH Zurich
  • Radio, television, photography

Access to the latest scientific information and the media is essential to ensure that world-class education and research can be undertaken at ETH Zurich.

Students, researchers, and university staff can receive active support in all matters related to the provision of scientific information from libraries at ETH Zurich and from a variety of collections and archives.

  • Libraries
  • Collections and Archives

What are the pros and cons of studying in Switzerland ETH Zurich?

Advantages and disadvantages of studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich.

There are a number of advantages that you will get from your studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich, and at the same time there are a number of disadvantages that you will face from studying there, and we will mention the disadvantages and advantages as follows:

The advantage of this university is an important center for knowledge and innovation.

  • The university has 16 departments, which provide high-quality education in various academic fields.
  • The university seeks to develop practical knowledge and professional skills as well as impart theoretical knowledge.
  • The university has two campuses, the main campus is located in the center of Zurich, and the second campus in the city of Hungerberg and includes departments of civil engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, and earth sciences.
  • Both campuses contain the first-class infrastructure that facilitates scientific research and effective education.
  • The university has well-equipped laboratories, spacious lecture halls, libraries, and large student workshops.
  • The university provides students with opportunities to participate in various recreational and extracurricular activities such as football, chess, and dancing.
  • The university offers many master’s, bachelor’s, and doctoral degrees, and programs in various fields such as computer science, mathematics, social sciences, and others, and offers bachelor’s degree courses in German, and the rest of the courses are in English.
  • The university has over 530 qualified professors. There is an international office at the university that works to nurture and expand cooperation relations between it and other organizations and institutions.
  • The university’s career center provides students with an opportunity to meet companies of good repute and secure jobs for them at high wages. The majority of university graduates work in prestigious institutions and companies, and a large number of world champions and Olympic medalists have graduated from the university.
  • 21 of the university’s graduates and students have won the Nobel Prize in various fields and disciplines.


  • Studying in Switzerland is very expensive, especially for international students who have to start from scratch there.
  • You may experience a culture shock there because you move to a new country that you have never been to before, the language, customs, traditions, and almost everything will change.
  • The high monthly cost of living in terms of housing, food, and transportation expenses, which may be an obstacle to studying there.
  • Switzerland is a very strict country in terms of laws even in the simplest matters, as well as for university professors, they will help and cooperate with you as long as your request is in accordance with the laws and guidelines in force.
  • It is difficult to get a job while you are studying, and this is a problem for students who want to study and work together to secure their needs, and if you can get a job you must obtain a work permit.

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