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Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%? [SOLVED]

Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping? Why is my Pinterest traffic dropping?

  • First, maybe your content is getting less distribution.
  • it could mean that the content you are sharing which links to other people’s sites is getting less distribution.
  • The really important thing is to look at your Pinterest referral traffic being impacted.

Use Google Analytics to find that and that’s what I’m gonna show you now!! keep reading.

Why My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping!!

Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%_ [SOLVED]- Aliens Tips (4).jpg

How do I see how many monthly viewers I have on Pinterest?

Hit Overview at the top of the screen to see your:

  • impressions.
  • total audience.
  • engagements.
  • engaged audience.

Can I earn money from Pinterest?

hill Yes, you can make money with Pinterest and that’s How To Make $5000Mo On Pinterest? [Ultimate Guide]. or How To Make Money Blogging $3,941mo Without Ads!! Even if you’re a brand new blogger, Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%!! [SOLVED].

Have you been asking yourself why is my Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping?

I’ve seen this question posed the last few weeks, so today we’ll be looking at Why is my Pinterest traffic dropping?

and ways to fight that falling number, and Is it something you should really be worrying about!


There are some quotes online about it.

What is 10m+ monthly viewer on Pinterest?

So let me start by explaining the different stats in the Pinterest analytics area.

What Are Pinterest Impressions?

This is the number of times pins on your Pinterest account has been seen.

What Are Pinterest Total Audience?

The total number of viewers who have seen or engaged with the content on your Pinterest account.

What Are Pinterest Engagements?

Pinterest Engagements is the number of viewers that saves, click on the pins on your Pinterest account.

what does engaged audience mean on Pinterest?

The number of viewers who actually engaged with the Pins on the account.

Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%_ [SOLVED]- Aliens Tips (4).jpg

when you look at the info of your Pinterest Analytics, you will see everything related to your account.

For example your website Domain, Instagram account, YouTube Channel, and Etsy account content as well as third-party content that you saved to your boards.

When you log onto your Pinterest account you will see a number below your profile referring to be your monthly unique viewers.

it changes based on region.

Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%!! [SOLVED].

Do followers matter on Pinterest?

In my Humble opinion, followers don’t matter so much on Pinterest.

But that doesn’t mean that the new follower’s tab means that your content can be seen by who follows you.   The more display your content gets to your followers and the more they communicate with your content, the more your content will be distributed and maybe go viral.   If you are intesrted on How To Increase Your Pinterest Followers 4X On a Week I have made that [The Ultimate Guide].

Pinterest Analytics Data

you will find in the left-hand column in Pinterest Analytics Overview, these followings sections:


  • Overview
  • Video
Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%_ [SOLVED]- Aliens Tips (4).jpg


  • Date range
  • View (Published Pin Analytics)
  • Content-Type
  • Claimed account
    • All Pins
    • Your Domain (Your website)
    • Etsy (Your Store)
    • YouTube (Your Channel)
    • Other Pins
  • Device
  • Source
  • Format

I won’t cover what each of these is, because I Don’t want to confuse you right now.

We’ll only focus on two important factors which I Concerned about inside the filters section when we select the Overview:

  1. View.
  2. Claimed account referring to Your Domain.

1. View Published PIN Analytics.

This analytics is related more to the content that you published to Pinterest yourself, only on your account, that leads directly to your claimed accounts.

wether it is your (Domain name, YouTube channel, Etsy Store, and Instagram account).

It doesn’t include the pins saved by others lead to your account. it includes pins on your account that link to someone else’s domains.

Put pins you saved only to your claimed domains.

2. Claimed Account Referring to Your Domain.

This provides more details about your actual claimed account content, as you can decide which claimed account you want.

If you have only claimed your website domain, you will not see anything else like Etsy, YouTube or Instagram listed.

So you shouldn’t worry about not seeing those here.

Understanding The View (Published PIN Analytics) Data.

First, when we sect the overview we show know the difference between the overall overview and after we hit the (Published Pin analytics).

When I hit the View (Published Pin analytics) button, we will see a change that happens to Impressions, Total audience, Engagements, and Engaged audience.

The change usually declined by a remarkable amount that’s because of the result of an experiment using a third-party pin to run this case study for you.

The data we see in the second picture is for the number of impressions received for pins published for my own claim during June.

We can see on June 18th a new pin that took off and sent over 1000 visitors a day to this site.

A lot of Pinterest users will see your pin multiple times with each pin counting as an impression.

When we uncheck the ‘View’ box, we can see that all the top numbers jump:

  • Impressions from 1.47m to 2.91m.
  • Total Audience from 1.54m to 897k.
  • Engagements from 98k to 46k.
  • Engaged Audience from 29k to 60k.

What this means is that half of the stats across the board come from other people saving my content to their boards.

And I save third party content.

How to Fix Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping!!

Understanding The CLAIMED ACCOUNT Data

Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%_ [SOLVED]- Aliens Tips (1)

Now unchecked the ‘View Published Pin Analytics’ box and checked the one further down for your domain in the Claimed Account section.

This is what you will see:

This view for all the content on Pinterest that links back to the claimed domain.

How to Fix Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping!!

We can now see while my own pins get some traffic, pins saved/repinned by others significantly grow my Pinterest stats:

  • Impressions increased from 1.7m to 2.26m.
  • Total Audience increased from 897k to 1.14m.
  • Engagements increased from 46k to 75.6k.
  • The engaged Audience increased from 29k to 43.5k.

Right. I know it reads a little confusing, What I am trying to say with all those numbers.

Why My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping!!


  • For my own pins to my own website,
  • When including other people’s versions of my pins to my own website, I had an increase of around 800k.
  • When I add pins on my Pinterest account referring to other people’s websites, it increased impressions.
  • So this means, other people’s pins usually referred to as third-party content.


  • The total audience is shown as 1.54 million for this Pinterest account screenshot.
  • Only 1.14 million are for the content claimed to own website.
  • This means there is a variation of 482,880 people.

Views you are seeing on your Pinterest account that Don’t all link to your website only.

If you hit Published Pin analytics from your total audience, your Pinterest monthly unique viewers would be lower than it is.

Why Your Pinterest Monthly Unique Viewers Are Falling?

it becomes obvious that if I were to do something extreme.

  • Deleting all the third-party pins on my account.
  • One of the main numbers to drop drastically would be the total audience (Pinterest monthly viewers dropping).

Deleting PINS

In fact, I did this over my accounts, deleting all third party pins from boards except those I had a connection to.

I may benefit from them being seen or getting clicks!

While I get no data on this experiment yet, I claim to say that by removing all third party pins Pinterest monthly viewers dropping by:

  • 32% on one small account
  • 57% on a second small account

PINS Losing Steam.

A different reason for Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping could be that pins saved to your account losing steam.

third party pins impression will lose steam. And when that happened, my unique monthly viewers and impressions will drop.

When a pin rocketed up steam, yours or someone else’s, it is usual to see a spike in your unique views.

Then a drastic fall as it loses steam and if you have multiple pins doing this at any one time, it can feel like a more significant crash.

Seasons And Trends

If you save content to Pinterest that is trend-based or season.

Make sure that once the season has passed, you will see a significant Pinterest monthly viewers dropping once those pins fall down.

To resist this, you can create more content or pins for the trend-based content.

Account Suspension

It is quite possible that your Pinterest monthly viewers dropping because your account got suspended. That thing you will only know for sure by either:

  • You will Recive an email that you have been spamming.
  • Check your Google Analytics and see if there is no traffic from Pinterest.

How to fix Pinterest Account Suspension?

By emailing them that you believe there has been a misunderstanding only say this if it is true, and you haven’t been spamming! and could You please restore your account.

Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%!! [SOLVED].

Should You Worry About Falling Monthly Unique Viewers?

If you worry about the number of your Pinterest monthly viewers dropping, make sure that it isn’t the worst thing to happen.

You can start by going into your Google Analytics, and looking at your traffic from Pinterest.

You can find this by going to:

Acquisition, then Social, then Network Referrals, then Pinterest.

You’ll see a 30-day graph that shows you the daily amount of traffic you receive from Pinterest.

If you didn’t find the significant falling trend, but your no Pinterest monthly viewers dropping, you’re likely seeing a third party pin losing steam.

Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%!! [SOLVED].

How do I increase my monthly viewers on Pinterest?

So, how did I increase my monthly viewers to see content on my account? I saved a pin that was ranking.

I do save a third party pin intently to a strong board of mine, at a peak time of day for my Pinterest traffic.

If you decide to increase your Pinterest monthly views, the fastest way is to start saving high ranking third party Pins to your boards.

It is a technique that some people will teach in Pinterest courses and it will definitely start to raise your ‘number’, but it won’t help you get traffic.

What will help you get traffic and increase your Pinterest monthly views is to build out a Pinterest business account that is optimized.

and have a consistent Pinterest marketing plan to help get your content seen on Pinterest.

Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%_ [SOLVED]- Aliens Tips
Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%!!

How many pins should you pin a day?

The maximum pin frequency should be around 25 pins per day. Anything more would be good unless your brand has a ton of content and Pinterest loves your content.   Why Did My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Dropping 95%!! [SOLVED] Pinterest Monthly Viewers Decrease.

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